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LED 12 Volt Task Lighting Fixture
LED undercabinet light fixtures are installed underneath kitchen cabinets to provide task lighting for countertops and office workspaces.

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LED 12 volt task lighting fixture is an energy efficient light for situations that require low voltage operation. This might include kitchen and bathroom lighting with a finished look makes it suitable for open display. You have several choices of length, watts and color for the light levels you need. For those of you who have a 12 V circuit feeding task lighting and want to switch over to LED, this would be a good choice. It comes in several different lengths, and it's minimal in it's profile. It will be a great way to get a lot of light in a very small area. It will also fit underneath the cabinet and take itself out of the way. It's considered a strip lighting fixture, but because the LEDs are so small, it's an excellent task lighting fixture choice. We often have people who call us asking for a low-voltage version of the LED in a strip light, and this is the correct solution for that. It comes in color choices of 3000K or 6000K light, and you can make your decisions to which you prefer. The lower color temperature is like a warm white soft incandescent, and the higher color temperature is like an afternoon daylight color. It's much cooler in appearance and some people like that type of light if they have more whites in their interior or they don't like the color of incandescent. With each different length, you have a different lumen rating because of the number of LEDs used in the strip. It has a standard white color which should go with almost anything that's out there because for the most part, it's going to be mounted underneath the cabinet and out of the way.

Product features & specifications:
- Voltage: 12 Volt.
- Choice of watts and length.
6" 1.8 watt - 168 lumens.
12" 3 watt - 280 lumens.
20" 5 watt - 490 lumens.
32" 8 watt - 640 lumens.
40" 11 watt - 880 lumens.
- Choice of 3000K or 6000K light color.
- White finish.
- 2" inch width.

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