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Lay-In Troffer Light Fixtures

Lay-in troffer light fixtures are used in ceiling grids for many office spaces. It's important that they have good light control, energy efficiency and proper illumination to achieve your lighting goals. You can get these in both LED and fluorescent lighting sources for the best lighting effect and energy efficiency. They are easy to install and are electrical contractor friendly with post-painted materials. These will continue to be used far into the future for all sorts of grid lighting applications. Most of our troffer light fixtures are made in the USA and can be shipped in a short period of time to meet your next project's schedule. Call us if you have any questions of how to best apply any of these lay-in troffer light fixtures you see here and we'll be happy to help you.
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T5 Light Fixture - Lay-In 2x4 Troffer
Lay-in T5 troffer 2X4 grid light fixture.
Price Each: Starting at $123.61
T5 Light Fixture - Lay-In 2x4 Troffer
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