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LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

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Some general information.

At, we want you to get the best quality LED landscape lighting fixtures for any security lights, patio lighting or pathway/walkway applications. Unlike the big box stores, we sell quality light fixture products that are made from excellent materials often with diecast metal and components that are going to ensure that it’s going to perform well for the long haul. Typically landscape lighting is subject to all sorts of environmental hazards including sunlight, chemicals and of course water. All of ours are sealed to exact specifications so that you’re not going to get any water in which can destroy a light fixture. These have been used for many decades and can make a huge statement for any type of home or business or if you do a garden lights outdoors. All of our light fixtures employ super bright LEDs that will give you energy efficient LED lighting that’s going to cost you less in operation over the long term.

A simple rule of thumb.
If you’re trying to light up some outdoor spaces and you’re not sure how to proceed, keep in mind that LED can do an excellent job in replacing old incandescent or halogen type of spotlights, path lights or garden lights. You can use a simple ratio for every 10 watts of incandescent light you can replace it with one watt of LED. That can give you a general rule to follow when you’re looking at replacing existing landscape lighting or putting in new LED lighting altogether. If you’re building a new home, that’s the best time to put in LED landscape lighting fixtures before you get anything else put into place, it makes it very easy. But if you have an older home or a business and you need to run low voltage cable, it’s not too harsh, and you can get all the light you need in a low-voltage system. Not all landscape lighting is low-voltage, we have many line voltage light fixtures that work with 120 to 277 volts, and that’s usually used in a commercial lighting situation.

The truth about cheap.
Unlike a lot of the cheap light fixtures you might see at a big box retail store, we carry commercial grade LED landscape lighting fixtures that are going to stand the test of time. It does make a difference in buying a commercial grade product as opposed to something that’s meant for retail. Things like those solar garden lights that are super cheap don’t last very long in many types of applications. We know, we’ve used them in the past and they don’t last and they are pretty flimsy. So if you’re willing to spend a little bit more than what these big retailers charge, you can get a much higher quality outdoor lighting system. And after a few years, when you’re still enjoying the benefits of this higher grade lighting, you’ll remember what a pain it was to keep replacing cheap outdoor landscape lighting that you got from a retail store.

Color makes the difference.
One of the essential things to think about when you’re installing some LED landscape lighting fixtures is something as simple as the color temperature you’re going to use. Most people are used to incandescent or halogen lighting that could be anywhere from 2700K up to 3500K color temperature. This is generally a warmer light, and in many cases people like it. The good news is with new LED landscape lights you usually get a choice between something that’s like a soft white of about 3000K or a noontime daylight color of 5000K. It all depends on your personal preference, and a lot of people got used to the look of incandescent lighting and want to keep that warmth at night. What we're talking about is that warmer color appearance that many homeowners find very inviting and appealing. But there are many of you out there that do prefer a noontime daylight color because it’s very bright and white and if you’re using it on something that’s a white color, it may be a better choice. It looks immaculate, and it’s like natural daylight.

The transformers.
Along with these various light fixture choices, we do have transformers for outdoor landscape lights as well. There are many different types of transformers on the market, but the ones we have are made for specific lighting. They could be used for other equipment as well depending on the wattage and the voltage that you have, but primarily these are used in conjunction with the lighting that we sell. It’s just part of a complete package that we can offer to get you the optimum lighting and making it as easy as possible by purchasing from a single location.

Saving money is cool.
Energy savings is something we should talk about because people like to save money know people love to save money. There’s never been a better time to take a look at energy efficiency when it comes to landscape lighting. There are so many choices with LED now, and you can get the right kind of light that you need for your situation without having to blow out your electric bill. Now you can get all the energy efficiency you would like and still get good lighting for your outdoor location. If you’re curious as to how much you could save over time, we have an energy-saving spreadsheet calculation that you can download for free from the left-hand column of our website. It will let you input precisely what kind of system you have now and compare it to something that we have that you could implement. You’ll see the energy savings that you could enjoy by going to a more efficient LED system and the payback that’s associated with it. Yes, even LED landscape lights will have a payback associated with them. Also, electric rates go down at night, there still energy efficiency that can be gained by upgrading. And you can calculate that and get a reasonable estimate as to how fast your investment will pay back over time. So the system will pay for itself, and you’ll get brand-new lighting that’s going to work better than anything ever has before. We say that with the confidence because so many people have done this and had a significant effect on their outdoor lighting.

Be more secure.
Earlier we mentioned how security could be enhanced by having running landscape lights. Criminals don’t like well-lit areas, there too easy to see or to be seen on a camera like a lot of people have in their homes or businesses. If you keep an area well lit, you’re not going to have the crime problem or vandalism if that’s a concern in your area. Instead of going to a well-lit area, they often change their plan to go somewhere that’s much darker and harder to be seen. So it’s one of the cheapest forms of insurance you can buy, and it’s something that works well. This is especially true for businesses that want to light up a building along with general area lighting; it will make it very hard for people to break in. They don’t want to be seen. So keep that in mind also, that is not just an aesthetic appeal to a building or home, but it’s common sense of security that many people have enjoyed.

Quantity pricing.
If you’re a building owner, manager or a contractor and you buy a lot of these light fixtures on a regular basis; we want to help you special pricing for more massive quantities. We want to be very competitive even though this product is a commercial grade quality product and we can also add free shipping. We hope that he can help you with your budget process by giving you the best price possible with the best quality. And once you install these, you’re not going to have problems. We have a good track record with all of these products with minimal failures. If you do have a question or there’s something that’s defective, most of them carry a five-year warranty and we're going to stand behind that product with our manufacturers or that period. If anybody’s going to have a problem, it’s probably within that period that you might discover a defective of some kind. So we’ve got you covered with excellent warranties that are going to help you in the future if anything goes wrong. But the track record we have is excellent, and we have had very, very few defectives.

How can we help you today?
One of the last things we want to mention is that if you have a situation where you don’t know how many LED landscape lighting fixtures to use for your particular application, we can help you with that. We can run a lighting layout so you can know for sure how many light fixtures you’ll need and what the general effect will be. We want to make sure that your lighting is appropriately set up and sometimes people will email or text us a picture of what they’re trying to light. Call us if you have any questions about anything you see on our website, not just these LED landscape lights. We have the right lighting answers from many years of working in the industry to get people the best lighting possible at a reasonable price. We also want to make sure that you’re up to date on any of the energy-efficient products we carry. There’s a lot of change going on in the industry and LED lighting continues to improve with greater energy efficiency over time. It seems that every six months or so there’s a jump in lumens per watt and that trend is continuing. We’ll have to see how long that’s going to last or if there some physical limitations that some of these LEDs get to as far as efficiency.
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