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LED Adjustable Under Cabinet Lights - 12 Inch - White

Price Each: $83.50
Item Number: 110379

LED adjustable under cabinet light fixture in 12 inch length white providing maintenance free energy efficiency. You can adjust the head at various angles and choose between 3 different color temperatures. The color temperature adjustment is 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K. Another great feature is 50% dimming setting on the rocker switch, so you can turn down the light for special tasks and occasions. You can plug them in or hardwire these and can be put in series. It can be joined end to end for longer runs for maximum coverage and flexibility. This under cabinet light gives the ultimate flexibility for any lighting application.

Product features:
- 5 watt.
- 275 lumens.
- Linkable.
- 1/2 KOs for hardwiring installation (multiple on top and back).
- Standard.
- Built-in LED driver.
- White enamel finish, painted after fabrication.
- Very low, 1" profile, only 3-1/2 wide.
- Tempered glass lens for easy cleaning, inside frosted to reduce LED imaging.
- Adjustable color temperature CRI = 84
- Working voltage: 120V with plug and hardwire option included.
- 3/8 flex connector and mounting screws included.
- Includes 6: power cord with plug and (1) 8 Interconnect cable.
- Key-holed mounting slots in housing simplify installation.
- WG 3 year warranty.

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