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LED 12 Volt Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

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LED 12 volt under cabinet light fixture is an energy efficient light for situations that require low voltage operation. This might include kitchen and bathroom lighting with a finished look makes it suitable for open display. You have several choices of length, watts and color for the light levels you need. For those of you who have a 12 V circuit feeding under cabinet lighting and want to switch over to LED, this would be a good choice. It comes in several different lengths, and it's minimal in it's profile. It will be a great way to get a lot of light in a very small area. It will also fit underneath the cabinet and take itself out of the way. It's considered a strip light fixture, but because the LEDs are so small, it's an excellent under cabinet light fixture choice. We often have people who call us asking for a low-voltage version of the LED in a strip light, and this is the correct solution for that. It comes in color choices of 3000K or 6000K light, and you can make your decisions to which you prefer. The lower color temperature is like a warm white soft incandescent, and the higher color temperature is like an afternoon daylight color. It's much cooler in appearance and some people like that type of light if they have more whites in their interior or they don't like the color of incandescent. With each different length, you have a different lumen rating because of the number of LEDs used in the strip. It has a standard white color which should go with almost anything that's out there because for the most part, it's going to be mounted underneath the cabinet and out of the way.

Product features & specifications:
- Voltage: 12 Volt.
- Choice of watts and length.
6" 1.8 watt - 168 lumens.
12" 3 watt - 280 lumens.
20" 5 watt - 490 lumens.
32" 8 watt - 640 lumens.
40" 11 watt - 880 lumens.
- Choice of 3000K or 6000K light color.
- White finish.
- 2" inch width.

General information.
At, we want you to have the highest quality under cabinet lights, and we believe we have put that together with our offering here. One of the most common places that this type of light fixture is in under cabinet LED lighting in kitchens. It’s an important area because a lot of times people are doing fine work such as chopping and wielding sharp instruments. On a strictly practical level, you want to make sure that you don’t cut yourself and having enough light makes that possible. Of course, that’s not the only consideration when you’re talking about kitchen lighting. You also want to have it be aesthetically pleasing. And a lot of people find it a positive for their interiors to have a regular light overhead that they can dim but then have a very light high light output under a cabinet. It has a great look; it’s very inviting it’s something that makes your kitchen a special place for people to meet. So when choosing an under cabinet lighting system, it’s best to want something that’s going to meet all the needs that you have in the future. Some people of done things like LED light bars, puck lights, and even tape lights. And all those are just fine and sometimes in specific applications that may be precisely what you need.

The better solution.
But we also have a more sophisticated kind which has all the options that you may want in this type of system. We have a light fixture that is dimmable, the color temperature you want, and it’s adjustable so you can not only have the light just down below, but you can tilt it so that you can spread it out into the kitchen space. This is not the only type of application where this is a good thing the use, commercial office lighting, and cubicle space is the perfect place for this type of lighting it gives people all the options which will provide them with control over the amount of light they want. One of the best is our adjustable and dimmable one that we’ve talked about before. With an increase in LED technology and the ability to put it in many different types of packages, strip lights aren’t the way to go anymore for task lighting. They can be quite bulky, and you have less light control with those with very little adjustability. Because of the low profile of most of these light fixtures, they become convenient tools for getting better lighting for your office or cubicle. This should equate to a certain amount of productivity increase as individuals will have control of their lighting within their space. It might seem like a small thing, but it’s essential, and the more control you give somebody for their lighting comfort, inevitably it probably means that they’re going to work better and see better. That’s the point. It’s about better lighting for people even though things like energy efficiency become part of the equation. And yes, you’re going to save energy with this type of light fixture, but the question is can you do that while still maintaining or increasing the light quality in the area.

Saving money is a wonderful thing.
If you have a more massive office installation for these lights and you want to know how much energy you’re going to save, we have an energy saving spreadsheet on the left-hand column of our website that you can download. It can show you exactly how much money you’re going to save in real dollars and what kind of payback you’ll get by utilizing this type of under cabinet light fixture. It can be quite substantial if you’re using these in an office and there on all day long. In something like a home situation that would be different, most people don’t have these on all day long. For them, it’s more of an aesthetic appeal getting something that looks good for that type of space rather than the energy savings it produces. A lot of people have questions about which light fixture they should use in their situation. And what some people do is send us pictures of their application to our email address or text us. We can help people better when we can get a good look at what they’re trying to do rather than guess. We have a lot of experience with this type of lighting, and we know what works for many kinds of situations if you’re unsure.

Better ideas and color for LED strips.
These days some of the cheapest under counter lighting are something like an individual puck light. This is usually around a light fixture or possibly something square and came into use when a halogen bi-pin lamps were used in these. It’s not necessarily the best way to go anymore as you get very little control and it’s just a blob of light on a counter. We suggest spending just a little bit more to get something that’s going to work for you in the long term, easy to install and give you the right kind of accent light, not just little spots of light. That’s one of the reasons why people go to a linear LED light strip is because it gives an evenness of light and usually much more light. Of course, one size doesn’t fit all, everyone is different and has their preferences that’s why we have so many different types that you see here listed on our website. On any home improvement project is the type of lighting color that you’re going to use for your light installation. There are several choices including a 3000K warm white, a 4000K cool white and probably the most popular is the 5000K daylight color. These different light colors have a different effect, and if you’re the kind of person that wants something that’s going to look more inviting and warm, then you want to choose the lower color temperatures. But a lot of people want that pure daylight color, and for those, we have that higher color temperature.

How can we help you today?
If you’re a commercial building user or a company and you’re looking for a more significant quantity of these, just let us know, and we’ll get some special pricing for you as well. Call or email us and let us know the quantities you’re looking for and will get pricing back to you in the form of a quote which you can submit in your next budget. We want to make it as easy as possible and get you the lighting you need at a reasonable price.
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