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How much can I save switching to led bulbs?

How much can I save switching to LED light bulbs? That's a common question that many people ask and we have a good solution to determine how much you'll save making the switch to LED bulbs. It's simply a matter of mathematics if you know a few different things about your electrical costs and the watts used by your current lighting. That's why we developed an easy lighting payback spreadsheet that gives you basic information as to how much you'll actually save. You'll need to know some things about your existing wattage and the kilowatt hour cost you pay from your electrical utility. You also need to know how much the new light bulbs will cost and we have many of them on our website so you can plug in those numbers and quantities. It will tell you exactly how much you'll save in electricity but also in replacement costs in the future. You'll get an idea of what the payback is as it calculates that too. By using our tool or something else like it, you can determine exactly whether switching to LED light bulbs would be a good choice for you. There are some times when people use lighting so infrequently that the cost of the new bulbs isn't justified. That does happen on occasion and when it does, it might not make any sense. But for most people the way they use lighting especially in business or even in a home, new LED light bulbs will make a lot of sense on a monetary level but also for those of you who have an environmental concern. If you're a business, you can use this same tool to determine what your payback and return on investment will be. For most of you in that situation, switching to LED lighting will be a good decision, but you do want to determine how fast you're going to recoup your investment.

I hope that answers your question, let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

John Bolduan

Here's a few examples of LED lighting products that are an easy switch to save money:

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