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HID Light Bulbs

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PS Metal Halide Light Bulbs
PS metal halide light bulbs for better energy efficiency and more light.
Price Each: $25.35
PS Metal Halide Light Bulbs

Some general information.
This type of light was used for many decades for all kinds of lighting applications. You would find this used for security lighting, roadway, parking lots, downlighting and general commercial lighting. Those who were its main applications as a business type of light. HID bulbs produce light through an arc tube that has a formulation of different kinds of rare earth metal salts, one of the most important being mercury. These lamps create a high light output for the number of watts it consumes. It produces a broad spectrum of visible light where it could be something that is very yellow or amber to something that is a bright white light. HID stands for high-intensity discharge lamps and is just a short name for this type of lighting.

Limiting factors of HID light bulbs.
Many people purchase these from us for a replacement from what they currently have. And what you might be looking for is the same wattage of what you’re trying to replace. Always keep in mind that you must replace that wattage with the same one. The wattages are not interchangeable; you couldn’t put in a 100 watt HID lamp into a 150-watt ballast or light fixture. It doesn’t work that way; you always have to honor whatever the ballast is required to operate. You also have to stay within the lamp type as well, that means that you must use a metal halide lamp and ballast together or a high-pressure sodium lamp and ballast, which you can’t ever mix these two. It’s something that’s pretty simple and obvious but if you are not sure of what you have or what you can use with the ballast you have, you can always give us a call, and we can straighten it out for you.

Lamp or ballast failure.
If you’re having issues with lamps are ballast for this type of lighting, we carry all the different types that you may have. If you’re troubleshooting this type of light fixture, they’re just a couple of things to determine. If the lamp itself won’t come on, it’s either the lamp or the ballast. Approximately 95 percent of the time it’s going to be the lamp, and all you have to do is replace the bulb. But there’s a small percentage of the time where the ballast may have gone wrong, and it won’t light the lamp at all. It could also be something like a capacitor which is a component within the ballast kit that could lose its charge and not be able to start the arc of the lamp. It holds a charge so that it can give a millisecond of very high voltage to start the arc tube within the HID bulb. After that, the ballast operates it at a constant wattage and maintains the arc.

Saving money is always good.
For those of you looking to save energy, there’s never been a better time to take a look at that with LED bulbs and technology. LED lights replace high-intensity discharge bulbs whether you replace the whole fixture, or do some retrofitting. In either case, you can expect to get an excellent payback on your investment. It’s that period in which the energy savings that you acquire will pay for the investment cost of new light fixtures or another retrofit. If you want to know how much you can save in real dollars by reducing your energy consumption with LED, we have a free downloadable spreadsheet on the left-hand column of our website for energy calculation. It will tell you exactly how much you can save by going to LED conversion kit or new light fixtures. All you have to do is put in some simple data from your existing system and comparing it to one of the items that you can purchase from us. You can also take advantage of some electric utility rebates which could reduce your payback even further. If you want more information about that or anything else in regards to retrofit or to get new lighting, we can help you determine what would be best for you. If you’re unsure how many new light fixtures you would need for your application, we can also do a lighting layout for you at no charge when you purchase light fixtures from us. We make it easy to know precisely how many footcandles you get for the task that you need to have done underneath these lights. It’s an excellent opportunity to understand not only energy savings but also the best possible lighting scenario you could get enhancing productivity or reducing errors.

How can we help you today?
If you’re looking for a more significant quantity of replacement HID light bulbs, please call or email us as we do sell these by the case or by individual pieces. Whatever amount you want we can probably work up a special price that you can depend on now and in the future. There are some reasonable prices these days on HID lighting, but we also want to make sure you get the best quality for that as well. Nothing is worse than getting a great deal on a product and then not having it last. That’s always been a problem with the big-box stores as the import the cheapest stuff they can find. We don’t do that; we first get the best quality products that we know are going to last and have a good track record over time. It’s not just about price; it’s also about sound quality and value for that cost. If you’re unsure of which lamp that you need for your application, we can help walk you through it and make sure that you get the right one, with the right base, everything that you need so that you can get your HID lighting system up and running correctly again.
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