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T12 Green Fluorescent Tube Guards

T12 Green fluorescent tube guards.
Price Each: $6.95

Item Number: BLF15788
T12 Green fluorescent tube guards are a great way to change the color of your fluorescent lighting in the most economical way possible. These will fit over any fluorescent lamp regard fewer of the length that you have. They have end caps which allow the pins to come through to make the electrical connection. Green tube guards are great for special lighting effects and other types of production lighting although used in commercial business for any number of uses. The matter what your application, it's an easy way to change colors without having to change bulbs. In fact, this T12 version can be used for both types of fluorescent lighting as in a T12 or a T8 lamp, it can fit both. For some people who want to just keep one type of tube guard on hand, this will cover all the different lamp types you may have. And if you have something that's an odd length that isn't 4 feet long then all you have to do is just simply cut this down to the size you need. It's a simple field modification that anybody could do with either a blade or some kind of scissors. The end caps come off easily making it no big deal to change to this green color whenever you want to. If you want something that's going to have a deeper green color, then you may want to consider using green fluorescent bulbs. There are generally more expensive but for certain applications that may be the best thing to use as well. But if all you're trying to do is get a basic green color, then these are a good cost-effective way to go.

Product features:
- 4 foot length.
- For 1.5 inch fluorescent light bulbs.
- Provided with endcaps.
- Green color.
- Will fit T12 and T8 lamps.
Item Number: BLF15788

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