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GE HIR PAR30 Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

Price Each: $35.82
Item Number: 10559

GE HIR PAR30 halogen flood light bulbs are one of the most common halogen lamps in use today. These have a special coating on the capsule which makes the filament burn brighter. It means that you can save energy while getting the same amount of light you're used to. GE HIR PAR30 halogen flood light bulbs will give you some of the best options for the lighting application. They consume 60 watts and gives off the same amount illumination as a standard 75 watt PAR30.

- 60 watt flood.
- 120 volt.
- PAR30 short neck.
- HIR for energy savings.
- The PAR30 SN is 3.4 inches long.
- Can be used in indoor or outdoor lighting situations.
- Average rated life of 2500 hours.
- GE HIR PAR30 halogen flood light bulbs make a great grocery store light.
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