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GE F20T12 Chroma 50 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

GE F20T12 Chroma 50 fluorescent light bulbs for color correct lighting.
Price Each: $17.95

Item Number: BLF15672

F20T12 Chroma 50 light bulbs are a suitable replacement for any 2 foot T12 fluorescent lamp with poor color properties. Most people find it's easier to work and function under the natural lighting effect of full spectrum lights. These will work anywhere you might use a standard 20 watt T12 lamp such as a cool white. Simply replace it to get better color, visual enhancement and a cleaner, brighter appearance to your home or office. Unlike other linear fluorescent lamps with incorrect color temperatures, this light has been used many times for color matching, making sure that colors match up correctly in places like printing, dental offices and retail. It can save you money in your process by making sure that all the colors are correct. It has a 92 CRI rating which means color rendering index and it's one of the highest that you can get in the industry. The excellent color of the 5000K is used to simulate noontime daylight which is the optimal color the way our eyes use light. Some people call this full spectrum lighting or natural lighting and that's simply a way to describe the effect of outdoor lighting. Of course the chroma 50 will also be an excellent choice for your regular office. It will help reduce eyestrain and create better visual contrast with documents that you are looking at. Over the course of the day it really is much easier on your eyes and that could result in greater productivity over fewer desirable light sources. This is a T12 lamp and used in light fixtures that have a rapid start magnetic ballast, but some operate on electronic ballast as well. If you have T8 linear fluorescent light fixtures and not the T12 lamps, we have a version for you for that application. You could use either with this particular lamp and get the same lighting effect. Call us if you have any questions about this light and how to apply it properly for your situation.

Product information:
- 2 feet long.
- 20 watts.
- F20T12/C50
- 92 CRI color rendering index.
- 5000K.
- Excellent color matching.
- Color correct lighting.
- T12 fluorescent tube.
- Works on rapid start magnetic ballasts.

At, we want people to get the best possible lighting they can for whatever task they may be performing. Sometimes that means making a change from one kind of lighting to another and in this case that means upgrading to a better quality light bulb. One of the reasons many dental offices use this type of bulb is because it helps them differentiate between different shades of white in teeth. This can be very critical not only for the patient but also for the process and getting the correct color will save money and time. This has been the industry standard for that type of color matching, but there are others as well. You’ll see everything from the printing industry to fabrics and many types of industrial applications where color is critical. And with this lamp it’s easy to differentiate colors and make sure that their correct. Even though a T12 bulb is an older style lamp, it is still used in many types of light fixtures that are purely made to inspect color. Of course these can be used for general lighting and many people like them because it’s more like natural daylight. It produces light the way our eyes were naturally made to process light. It’s often called a full-spectrum light because it peaks in the three different main areas of the visual spectrum. That’s what makes it such a great lamp for many applications because people need to have good visual acuity for many difficult tasks. Sometimes very fine work if you’re using any kind of magnifying glass or something where you have to see very minute parts this once again would be a great choice for many people that want to have better vision. And for those of you who have T8 lighting, we do have this in that type of version as well. Those work on electronic ballasts and those are the more updated type of lighting that most offices used today not so much the T12 fluorescent light bulbs. They have the same great color properties and basically the same phosphor which will render color correctly and help people whether it’s anything from a dental office to a printing facility or retail. And let’s talk about retail lighting, this is an excellent way to get good for people looking at your products. Most people say that when they view products under this type of light, it looks the same when they get home in natural daylight. This can reduce the amount of errors or returns that you may have if you’re a retailer and that will also bring a higher level of customer satisfaction.
Item Number: BLF15672

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