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GE F20T12 Chroma 50 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Price Each: $19.57
Item Number: 15672
F20T12 Chroma 50 light bulbs are a suitable replacement for any 2 foot T12 fluorescent lamp with poor color properties. Most people find it's easier to work and function under the natural lighting effect of full spectrum lights. These will work anywhere you might use a standard 20 watt T12 lamp such as a cool white. Simply replace it to get better color, visual enhancement and a cleaner, brighter appearance to your home or office. Unlike other linear fluorescent lamps with incorrect color temperatures, this light has been used many times for color matching, making sure that colors match up correctly in places like printing, dental offices and retail. It can save you money in your process by making sure that all the colors are correct. It has a 92 CRI rating which means color rendering index and it's one of the highest that you can get in the industry. The excellent color of the 5000K is used to simulate noontime daylight which is the optimal color the way our eyes use light. Some people call this full spectrum lighting or natural lighting and that's simply a way to describe the effect of outdoor lighting. Of course the chroma 50 will also be an excellent choice for your regular office. It will help reduce eyestrain and create better visual contrast with documents that you are looking at. Over the course of the day it really is much easier on your eyes and that could result in greater productivity over fewer desirable light sources. This is a T12 lamp and used in light fixtures that have a rapid start magnetic ballast, but some operate on electronic ballast as well. If you have T8 linear fluorescent light fixtures and not the T12 lamps, we have a version for you for that application. You could use either with this particular lamp and get the same lighting effect. Call us if you have any questions about this light and how to apply it properly for your situation.

Product information:
- 2 feet long.
- 20 watts.
- F20T12/C50
- 92 CRI color rendering index.
- 5000K.
- Excellent color matching.
- Color correct lighting.
- T12 fluorescent tube.
- Works on rapid start magnetic ballasts.
General information.
At, we want to provide you with the highest quality F20T12 fluorescent bulbs that are going to last for a long time and take care of your lighting replacement needs. The 20-watt T12 fluorescent tubes are the older style of fluorescents that were used for general lighting and still are today in many light fixtures. Although many have been replaced with F17T8 and lower watt LED, there’s still a lot of you who have these and need these for a fluorescent replacement bulb. Most of the time this fluorescent light bulb cool white was the most popular for offices and commercial lighting everywhere. They were also used in everybody’s garage workshop or basement; it was so pervasive. It has a long life of 20,000 life hours average rated life. Now we have these as a consumable item that you can still buy or consider replacing something more energy-efficient.

The operation of F20T12 lamps.
These lamps operate on a magnetic ballast most of the time, although on a few occasions people and converted some of their light fixtures to an electronic ballast that will utilize this light. It’s tough to get any more light fixtures that are made for this type of bulb, but we still have a few of those. Most people are converted to the T8’s that operate on an electronic ballast, and that’s been the natural replacement for the old light bulb cool white 4100K. The ballast in this operation is much more massive than the electronic ballasts because of all the copper windings on the inside. It’s also a rapid start ballast and starting operation, not an instant start. Sometimes you’ll see this a little slow to light, or it’ll flicker a little bit before it goes completely on. That was the nature of this type of lamp, and that’s why a lot of people are replacing it because of its flickering, poor color rendering index and poor energy consumption. But for many people, it might not be in the budget to replace them all at this time for something more efficient and if that’s the case we have plenty in stock for you.

The colors for F20T12.
There’s no talking about F20T12 light bulbs without talking about color temperature. These come in three basic colors although there are many others in smaller variations. The most common are cool white, warm white and daylight. All of these have adequate light output and are probably some of the lowest cost types of T12 bulbs that you can get today. There are other light colors such as the more particular Kelvin temperature versions which are also available. Not only are these colors available, but the more color correct type of fluorescents are still used in many kinds of applications, and that includes the Chroma 50 and Chroma 75 for people who need a daylight color that has a high color rendering. Once again, for people that are moving into something more energy-efficient we do have T8 lamps with the same color properties and improvements. Typically, you won’t find them in your local store anymore, but we have them ready for shipping every day.

Save money and update your lighting.
With the advent of more energy-efficient light sources such as LED tube lights, you see some of these replaced now with T8 LED tubes. It’s a good choice if you want to save more energy and possibly qualify for some different rebate programs that electrical utilities have. LED lights will give you the same amount of light for less wattage and so this is where you’ll get the best possible savings. Some people don’t just change the tubes, they will go for a whole new light fixture if some of the incentives are good or their lighting system is particularly old. If that’s the case we have a complete line of lighting fixtures in LED and for some situations with the payback being so good, it might make sense to go to an entirely new fixture instead of just retrofitting to an LED bulb. If you want to know how much you’ll save on going to an LED T8 light bulb, we have a free download on the left-hand column of our website that is an energy savings calculator in an Excel spreadsheet format. It will give you all the information that you need to make a simple comparison for what you have now and what you may be thinking about going to as far as in more efficient lighting solution.

Troubleshooting these lamps.
If you’re having problems getting these to light up correctly, there may be a couple of different things you want to consider. Of course, it could just be that you need new light bulbs, but it could be something else like the ballast. The old magnetic ballast that these operate on word always the greatest at voltage regulation in lamp operation. If the lamp seems to be flickering when it’s trying to start, it could be a lamp, but it’s most likely the ballast just getting old and not able to supply the proper voltage to start it up. Also if you see some and blackening, which often occurs very quickly over a short period, you could assume that the ballast is overvoltage in the lamp and it's pushing it to an early grave. In either of these cases, you need to change the ballast, and you won’t be able to get magnetic ballast anymore, but we do have electronic ballasts for these if you need them. Even though these are just a two-foot version, this in proper starting or problem seems to be pervasive with this type of lamp on occasion. This is when you may want to consider going to at least a T8 fluorescent. The reason for that is that you would have to replace the ballast anyway, so you can probably get a T8 ballast with an F17T8 lamp to do the replacement, and you probably need to do just a minor rewire on one of the sockets in the light fixture itself. And if you’re doing all that to the light fixture, might we suggest going one step further, replacing the entire fixture. With all the different low-cost choices in new light fixtures with the latest LED lighting, wouldn’t it make sense to maybe replaced the whole thing because the ones you have are probably quite old to start with? You will probably eliminate a lot of the frustration you have with an older light fixture by just making the replacement at an opportune time.

How can we help you today?
If you’re unsure about what you need, give us a call or email us any information or questions that you may have. We have a lot of experience with all types of retrofits in new construction situations. We know how to get the best lighting for the least possible amount of energy consumed. And it’s not just about saving energy; it’s also about getting the best possible illumination for your interior space. We have plenty of F20T12 light bulbs in stock for almost anything you may need them for. We can get them to you quickly, and we pack them up very well, so they get there in one piece, no problem. We had good warranties on the product and if you’re looking for a more significant quantity or see if you qualify for free ground shipping of 3-5 business days, make sure to get a hold of us for an individual quote. For multiple cases, we can help you with the pricing, or if you’re ordering these for other locations, we can send them there as well. There’s never been a better time to maintain your lighting system with either linear fluorescent F20T12 light bulbs or its new T12 LED alternative.
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