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Double Biax Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Price: $26.06
Item #: BLF10556

Double Biax compact fluorescent light bulbs with some of the most common wattage are listed here with a variety of colors now available for almost any lighting need. Choose the correct color temperature in either 3000K, 3500K or 4100K. The 4100K would be the whitest of the three choices. These Double Biax compact fluorescent bulbs have been used in recessed lighting, energy saving lighting and a myriad of other applications. Where there is need for energy savings in a small size, the double biax compact fluorescent light bulbs meets those specs. Sometimes these are also called Double Dulux, Quad or PLQ lamps. You'll find these most commonly in many commercial buildings in common areas as well as office suites.

Product features:
- Choice of wattage including 9, 13, 18 and 26 watt versions.
- 2 pins diagonally set or a 4 pin configuration that is made for a dimming application.
- Double Biax compact fluorescent are also known as double twin tube lamp.

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