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G25T8 Germicidal Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Price Each: $52.87
Item Number: 10752

G25T8 germicidal fluorescent light bulbs are 18 inches long and are used in food handling, restaurants, hospitals where killing of airborne germs in needed. Special fixtures house these and are not to be exposed to skin or eyes as they can damage both. Only use these in an approved germicidal fixture to prevent damage to people, it's very important. Used in many places and makes it a replacement for the existing bulbs that are going out. The 25 watt rating is higher than that of the G15T8, which is only 15 watts. Even though the length is the same on these two lamps, the G25 delivers more power and UV output for this very small package. Make sure that your ballast is compatible with this lamp and that it identifies this item as something it can operate. The light comes on instantly and has a purple glow from the arc that travels up and down the tube. The T8 style is 1" inch diameter bulb and has become the standard for general lighting, but is also used for this type of specified task.

Product features:
- 25 watts.
- 18 inches.
- 1" inch diameter.
- Operates on T8 electronic ballasts.
- Used in food handling, hospitals and facilities where germ killing is beneficial.

About this product.
At, we want to provide you with the highest quality germicidal light bulbs that are going to last for a long time and take care of your lighting needs into the future. As stated before, these were developed to kill bacteria viruses for various types of applications. One of the most significant applications is hospitals and medical facilities. The ultraviolet light that these provide are utilized in specialized light fixtures that keep them away from eyes and skin contact. It’s essential to understand that these germicidal bulbs are harmful to our eyes and skin if exposed directly to them. That’s why they're always put in light fixtures that are indirect and above the field of view and contact with the skin.

Operational consideration.
These operate electrically like any other kind of fluorescent light, in fact, they will run off the same ballast and in some of the same light fixtures, but you shouldn’t be putting them in just any kind of light fixture. You need to use an approved germicidal UV light fixture that is appropriately designed to keep these not in contact directly with people. And although these have been used to kill viruses and other pathogens in the open air, there are some applications where these are enclosed in certain types of water purification and air environments. Eliminating germs is the name of the game with these fluorescent lamps, and they do a good job although it’s not going to kill everything in the air. It will not make your environment sterile, but it will help in keeping an area as germ-free as possible.

Various sizes for almost any application.
There are many different sizes of germicidal lamps for many various applications. Some are larger, and some are smaller in it all depends on how much volumetric space you are trying to treat. In either case, they will be producing ultraviolet light in the same fashion based on the wattage that they are rated at. These have a characteristic purple glow, and it’s a type of UVC light that is made with no phosphor and the specific output. As we mentioned earlier, you need to take all the precautions necessary to make sure you don’t have contact with skin or eyes.

How can we help you today?
If you’re unsure about what might be best for you and you need a little help, give us a call or email us any information or questions that you may have. We have a lot of experience with all types of germicidal lamps and can help you identify yours for the replacement need you have. We have plenty of germicidal light bulbs in stock for almost anything you may need them for. We can get them to you quickly, and we pack them up very well, so they get there in one piece, no problem. We had good warranties on the product and if you’re looking for a more significant quantity, make sure to get a hold of us for an individual quote. For multiple cases, we can help you with the pricing, or if you’re ordering these for other locations, we can send them there as well.
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