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Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

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F32T8/850/ALTO Light Bulbs
F32T8/850/ALTO light bulbs
Price Each: $6.99
F32T8/850/ALTO Light Bulbs
F25T8/TL850 Light Bulbs
F25T8/TL850 light bulbs
Price Each: $9.06
F25T8/TL850 Light Bulbs
F25T8/SPX50 Light Bulbs
F25T8/SPX50 light bulbs
Price Each: $9.06
F25T8/SPX50 Light Bulbs
F17T8/TL850 Light Bulbs
F17T8/850 light bulbs
Price Each: $9.41
F17T8/TL850 Light Bulbs

It's not a technical term.
There’s probably never been a more confusing term used in the lighting business as full spectrum light bulbs. Technically, it’s not a term than anyone would use but it became something of a marketing phrase. Some companies base their way of selling this type of product saying that they were getting you a full spectrum light. But the truth is almost any type of visible light is technically full spectrum. White light by its nature has different peaks in various colors making them either warmer or cooler in color. All the phrase meant was that the light peaked in the red green and blue area of the spectrum and it delivered a color temperature that was a lot like outside daylight.

There's no need to spend extra dollars on a gimmick.
Even though we understand this isn’t a technical term, it’s something that the general public has used whether it’s correct or not. This type of lighting gives you a very balanced light across the visible spectrum and generally coming in the 5000K color temperature. There are some variances to this, and that was often pushed by companies that wanted to have an absolute hold on the marketplace with an unusual color. There’s no need to spend extra money on something that is called full spectrum light bulbs. All it is is different color temperature and has good color rendition. These are the things to keep in mind, and that’s why we offer all of our bulbs in this category at a reasonable price. There’s no reason to spend more on something just because it has a unique name. We hope we’re not beating you over the head with this point, but we want to make sure you understand that there’s nothing particularly special other than the excellent balance and color rendering.

Commonly used in light therapy.
Full-spectrum lamps came out originally as a T12 type of light that operated on a magnetic ballast. It was supposed to be more like natural lighting, like natural sunlight on a summer day. And it was good to bring that kind of light indoors for people that wanted it. Some people even use this type of light for various types of light therapy. Some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SADS) and using this type of light will help them in the winter time to feel better and less depressed. That’s something that only a doctor can diagnose, and if you’re having problems in the middle of the winter, that’s not necessarily unusual. But your doctor will know if you have this disorder. When people use this, they have some light boxes that these bulbs are put into, and it’s a very effective way to help people with just electrical light. The light source is typically fluorescent and produces a pleasing light that many people like.

The importance of color correct lighting.
Many like this light so much that they use it in their office lighting. Some feel it gives them a certain amount of benefit, but it isn’t like light therapy at all. Fluorescent lamps or LED lamps can produce this very natural daylight color with a high color rendering index (CRI) of upwards of 90 CRI or more. This can help make people more productive in an office environment or possibly a manufacturing facility. It’s easier to read and differentiate between black and white and in general, people see better under this type of lighting. This is also used for a lot of color matching applications where people have to differentiate between different colors that may be on a printed page and often used in dental offices and labs. It helps the dentist or professional see the difference between different shades of white which can be very critical to getting a perfect look for a patient.

Some energy saving ideas.
Just because you want full spectrum bulbs, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be energy-efficient as well. There are many LED alternatives that you can use now either as a direct replacement without any rewiring or something where you can do a retrofit that will give you substantial energy savings. Make sure you download our free Excel spreadsheet which is on the left-hand column of our website that will do the energy calculation for you. It’s easy to use all you have to do is put in your existing data about your current lighting system and then one of them that you would purchase from us. It will show you exactly how much you can save in real dollars and what kind of a payback time you will get.

How can we help you today?
Let us know if you’re looking for a bulk purchase of these type of full spectrum light bulbs. We have discounts for people that are ordering multiple case quantities for numerous locations. We want to make sure that you’re getting the best quality light bulbs at a great price. So either call or email us your request and will get the special pricing for your more substantial purchase.
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