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Fluorescent Tube Guards

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About this product.
This is probably the simplest way to add color to any interior space that uses a linear fluorescent tube. All you have to do is take the simple sleeve of plastic put it over the lamp and then put the end caps on the bipin ends, and you’re done. The pins come through the end making the electrical connection, and all you get is colorful light.

Get the deep color you want.
These are made from thin flexible plastic and have a rich color that you will find pleasing. It’s not a washed out or subtle color; it’s a deeper color, so you know that when you want red, it will be a deep red and so on. Many people use these instead of using fluorescent colored tubes because this has a lower cost and they didn’t necessarily need the phosphors to be colored. Although that will give you a more in-depth and more vibrant color, it does cost more money than just the two guards. If you’re doing a primary display or some effect no matter what it might be, often this will work well for most situations. Not only do people use these during festive times of the year, but they're also used in places like bars and restaurants where a specific color of light is needed rather than just white. We have all the different colors including red, green, blue, pink, purple and amber so you should be able to get the color that you need for your particular application.

Cut them to any size you want.
If you’re thinking about using these during Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, this is an excellent way to go to get the colored light that you want. It does make a big difference changing white light colored light for certain times of the year. If you have an office party, this can be an excellent way to improve the room by just adding some fluorescent tube guards. These can also be used with LED tubes if you’ve made the change to go to something more energy-efficient. These aren’t just for fluorescent types of lights. You will get the same effect with an LED light bulb as you would the standard four-foot fluorescent. We sell these in standard four-foot lengths, but these can easily be cut to any other size that you may have. If you need something that’s shorter, all you have to use is just a blade or even scissors to cut it down to the size that you need. We don’t sell custom sizes; you have to buy them in four-foot lengths and then cut them to whatever size that you may need.

How can we help you today?
If you’re looking for a larger quantity of these fluorescent tube guards, just let us know by calling or sending an email, and we can get you special pricing. These typically come in case quantities of 25 per case but you can order any amount you like. If you have any other questions on how best to apply these or use these in your situation, we can handle that too because we’ve run into almost every type of application there is. We can let you know if it’s better to go with this product or a fluorescent tube with the phosphors that are colored.
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