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Fluorescent Sign Ballasts

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Fluorescent sign ballasts for high output fluorescent lamps are what make it possible to start the lamp and maintain lighting in signs and other applications. These come in a 120-volt version. These operate T12 HO lamps whether they be F36T12, F48T12, F60T12, F72T12 or F96T12 fluorescent bulbs. These have been a standard in fluorescent sign ballasts for decades and have a reliable operation keeping signs lit at night. The footprint is also standard for your sign, and the wiring diagrams are right on the ballast label.

Product features:
- 120 volt.
- For use with high output lamps.
- Bottom lead wires.
- Rated for -20F starting and operation.
- Fluorescent sign ballasts for high output fluorescent lamps.
- Choose the number of lamps and the total length for the ballast you need.

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