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Fluorescent Sign Ballasts

Fluorescent sign ballasts are electronic devices that regulate the electrical current flowing through fluorescent lamps used in sign lighting. Fluorescent lighting is a popular choice for signs because it is energy-efficient and provides consistent, bright illumination. These ballasts are designed to work with the specific type of fluorescent lamps used in sign lighting, and are typically used in commercial and industrial settings, such as businesses, shopping centers, and outdoor advertising signs. They are responsible for providing the necessary power to start and operate the lamps, and also help to maintain a consistent level of brightness over the life of the lamp. They also improve energy efficiency by regulating the amount of power consumed by the lamp. Sign ballasts are typically located in the sign cabinet or in a separate enclosure connected to the sign. They are connected to the lamp holders and power supply. They are designed to be rugged, durable and weather resistant to withstand the outdoor environment.
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Fluorescent Sign Ballasts
Fluorescent sign ballasts for outdoor lighted signs.
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Fluorescent Sign Ballasts
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