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Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Some general information.

At, we want to get you the best, high-quality fluorescent light fixtures that you can get anywhere. That’s why we carry many fluorescent lights that are made right here in the United States. The quality is top-notch, and you’ll find them to be high performing and contractor friendly. We have all different types of fluorescent lighting including everything from high bay lighting, security lighting, general area lighting and of course office lighting. It's still one of the larger shares of the installed marketplace and works well for many building owners, investors, and production facilities. Although there are some alternatives to these, they still have a pleasing lighting effect and produce an excellent distribution of light to almost any area you may be using these in.

The office lighting standard.
Fluorescent office light fixtures are the universal type that is nearly everywhere there’s a drop ceiling. This would be a typical 2x4 grid ceiling that most offices have. It’s one of the most natural things to implement and of course, with grid ceilings, many things are going on above that grid. It could be anything from ductwork, communications, and lighting. These are some of the primary functions of that type of ceiling. So it’s easy to implement light fixtures that are going to create a well-lighted office environment. One of the other significant forms of fluorescent is linear light fixtures that are used flush mounted most of the time or sometimes suspended from the ceiling. These are mainly used in areas where the ceiling is shallow, or it’s often for an industrial plant or production facility. These are still readily available, and many people still like the look of fluorescent and the colors that it can produce.

Saving money is a beautiful thing.
Even though these are one of the primary forms of bright white ceiling lighting, many people are considering moving to LED in either a retrofit or in new construction fluorescent light fixture. If you are taking a look at LED lighting to replace what you have now, we have nearly every type of light fixture you see in the fluorescent section in an LED version. People always want to know how much they’re going to save by going to something that’s more efficient like LED. For those who want to get more information and know exactly how much they’re going to keep, you can download our free energy calculations spreadsheet on the left-hand column of our website. It’s straightforward to use open it up, and you’ll see that it will compare one type of light fixture to another. All you have to do is put in the existing lighting information, what the light is, how much wattage it draws, how much it’s on and the kilowatt hour cost. Then all you have to do is just put in one of our light fixtures that you see here and all that relevant data. You’ll not only get how much it’s going to save you in real dollars but also tell you what the payback time is. It’s that period in which the savings will pay for the lighting system itself. Energy savings is never more accessible or more reasonable with lots of choices in new light fixtures and retrofits. Retrofitting existing fluorescent light fixtures makes a lot of sense if they’re not that old. You can revitalize the light with something that’s going to give you better energy efficiency and at the lowest possible investment cost.

The major types of fluorescent.
All of the fluorescent light fixtures that you see on this page are either a T8 or a T5 type of light, technically the T12’s aren’t made anymore, but we have a workaround on that, and that has to do with the ballast change. But for almost all people the T8 or the T5’s are going to be the fluorescent of choice because they’re energy-efficient and you can get any color temperature you want with these light bulbs. Unlike the older incandescent bulbs, you have a choice of all the different colors from a warmer tone to something that’s more like natural daylight. Most people in an office space like the look of natural sunlight because it helps a lot of people see better with the white colors and the contrast on the printed page. Most people would say they work better under a light like that. If you use that type of light in a home for reading or a different kind of fine work, you know exactly what we're talking about. Unlike your local store, which might be a hardware store or a big box store, we carry some of the more unusual types of fluorescent that is not carried at those places. So when you do business with us, you’re going to get not only all the benefits of good lighting, but you’re going to get the choices that you need for your particular type of application.

Some things to think about.
Keep in mind that most fluorescent light fixtures come in sizes that are related to a T8 or a T5 lamp that goes in them. Some of the older style of fluorescent before those types operated on magnetic ballast and it’s getting tough to find light fixtures for those. Most of the industry is moved away from that, and a lot of people are using LED for minimal lighting applications instead of going with a very small light fixture they may be using something like ribbon lighting. So the industry is changing a lot of those older types of bulbs are still available, but the light fixtures that would house them are typically not. So if you’re thinking about changing to something that’s more energy-efficient, there’s probably never been a better time to do that because you can also upgrade your lighting at the same time. For those of you who are trying to keep your costs low on a project, fluorescent light fixtures can still be an excellent way to go depending on quantity. We do have quantity bulk pricing if you need that and if the order meets specific criteria, it will qualify for free shipping. It all depends on what’s going on in your project and where you see heading for the future. There are several brands in the industry such as Cooper, Lithonia Lighting, Columbia and others, but we always stick with manufacturers who make the product right here in the USA. Some of these do, and some don’t, but we want to make sure that we offer made in the USA whenever possible.

How can we help you today?
You can call or email us if you have any questions about anything that you see on our website. And if you have a specific need for a particular type of fluorescent light fixture, we can help you find what’s just right with our years of expertise and experience. We want to make sure you get good lighting and energy efficiency all at the same time. If you get one to the exclusion of the other, then it’s not a winning situation. And if you’re unsure about how many light fixtures you’ll need for a particular room or space, we can do a lighting layout that will tell you exactly how many light fixtures you’ll need. We do this for customers who buy light fixtures from us, and we want to make sure that you get it applied right and we can do that with all the data we have about our lighting products. Let us know if we can help you today!
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