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Flame LED Bulbs
LED decorative light bulbs are designed to enhance the aesthetic of a room or space.

Price: $39.49
Item #: BLF242737

LED flame bulbs are a new product with a characteristic flickering look. They give the illusion of a flickering candle flame for regular 120 volt rated bulbs. They're not very bright, but they do give the effect that one would want with a flickering candle. They have a medium base they can be used in almost any situation and in almost any lighting fixture. You could use these in outdoor lighting fixtures such as posts lights or coach lights. It's a great way to get a nostalgic look while still using standard bulbs. You can use these anywhere you use a regular incandescent bulb, there's nothing special you have to do to the fixture. Call us if you have any questions about flicker lights or any other kind of festive or decorative lighting.

Product features:
- 5 watts.
- Flickers like a candle.
- Medium base.
- 1300K light color.
- Can be used wherever you use standard incandescent bulb.

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