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F40T12 Colortone 50 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F40T12 Colortone 50 fluorescent light bulbs.
Price Each: $8.41
Item Number: BLF17900

F40T12 Colortone 50 fluorescent light bulbs are a suitable replacement for any T12 lamp with poor color properties. Most people find it's easier to work and function under the natural lighting effect of full spectrum lights. These will work anywhere you might use a standard 48 inch T12 lamp. Simply replace it to get better color, visual enhancement and a cleaner, brighter appearance to your home or office. These are great anywhere people work on computer screens, it should help reduce eyestrain. The Philips Colortone 50 is one of those special light bulbs that have been used for color corrected lighting for many years. And because it is the T12 version, it still operates on magnetic ballasts typically. The phosphor inside gives off light at a 92 color rendering index. That means on a hypothetical scale of 100 CRI, this is very close to perfectly color accurate. You'll often see this used in industrial situations were color matching is important such as the printing industry, color proofing, retail and the dental industry. With this type of light you can actually determine slight variances of color and shading which is very important for all of these different occupations. The color temperature is 5000K which is very close to noon time daylight and produces light the way our eyes best use it. This is very good as a reading light as well as being good for color rendering. It's been used for many decades and continues to be into the future. We also have this in the T8 version if you need that, that's the one that operates on an electronic ballast. If you're unsure of which one you have or what you can do with this lamp, you can always give us a call or email and we can help you with that. We have a lot of experience with this type of lighting and we often know what's best for your situation if you can just give us a little bit of extra information. This is an excellent way to get good lighting for almost any situation you have, it doesn't have to be these particular industries or anything like that. Sometimes these are great just to use in a home situation where you just want to read more comfortably and some people would even use this for some early seed germination. In any case it's a great lamp for people because it produces light the way we best use it.

Product features:
- F40T12 Colortone 50 fluorescent light bulbs.
- F40T12/C50.
- 48 inches.
- 92 CRI.
- 5000K.
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