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F32T8 Grow-lux Shatterproof Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F32T8 Growlux shatterproof fluorescent light bulbs for superior plant growth.
Price Each: $39.95

Item Number: BLF15487
F32T8 Grow-lux shatterproof fluorescent bulbs are used to promote plant growth indoors with a coating that prevents breakage. The spectrum it creates is ideal for any type of plant, great for getting started early for Spring growing. These are a common type in a wide spectrum version with 32 watts and a 1 inch T8 diameter. They have that special color which has a slightly purple tint. They can be used on any electronic ballast that is used for F32T8 lamp.

Product features:

- 4 feet long.
- 32 watts.
- Wide spectrum.
- Shatterproof coating.
Item Number: BLF15487

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