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F32T8 Grow-lux Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F32T8 Growlux fluorescent light bulbs for superior plant growth.
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Item Number: BLF13130

F32T8 Grow-lux fluorescent light bulbs that are used for plant growth promotion. When the outdoor conditions aren't right, these can do the job and will get plants started and growing. These are a common type in a wide spectrum version with 32 watts and a 1 inch T8 diameter. They have that special color which has a slightly purple tint. They can be used on any electronic ballast that is used for F32T8 lamp. This is probably the most common version of grow lamp available on the market today. It fits in most fluorescent fixtures that use a 4 foot lamp that you can purchase anywhere. People often use these for early seed germination in springtime or late winter to get a jump on the growing season. Keep in mind that you can use these anywhere, in any light fixture that uses an F32T8, there's nothing different about it electrically to a standard T8. Many people use these in multiple bulb configurations and we have fixtures that will operate these and can be hung from a low ceiling or can be used in an array of fixtures that you might have. These are most effective when they don't have any kind of plastic shielding over them, that defeat some of the purpose of the UV output. So make sure that the fixture that you're using doesn't have a plastic cover over it. The wide spectrum that it has means it peaks in several areas of the light spectrum giving it a more natural daylight appearance, therefore giving plants the kind of light they need.

Product features:

- 4 feet long.
- 32 watts.
- Wide spectrum.
Item Number: BLF13130

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