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F32T8 Gold Fluorescent Light Bulb

F32T8 gold fluorescent light bulbs for special types of lighting.
Price Each: $15.95

Item Number: BLF10716

F32T8 gold fluorescent light bulbs are a suitable replacement for any situation where something like a plate exposure or the need to have a single wavelength of light. These will work anywhere you might use a standard 48 inch T8 lamp and should accomplish the need for replacement. These are also very energy efficient operating on an electronic ballast. Many times people will use these in a commercial lighting application that might be in a certain type of machine or possibly overhead lighting. In any case, it's made to project a certain wavelength of light to accomplish a specific task. It's not something that you would use if you wanted to get great color, it just doesn't do that. In fact, you might have some trouble identifying different colors underneath this type of gold lighting. One of the other applications that you could use these for would be special holiday lighting or perhaps Halloween to get that Amber gold color that is often associated with that time of year. So if you have a need for a very narrow band of light spectrum, this gold lamp will often accomplish the task you wanted to do. If this type of lighting is something that you need, we have great pricing and it's something that's readily available for immediate shipment. These are not interchangeable with T12 gold lamps as those operate on a different type of ballast. You will need to have these used on ballasts that are specifically made for the F32T8 gold.

Product features:
- 32 watts.
- F32T8/GO or F32T8/GOLD.
- 48 inches overall.
- Works on the same electronic ballasts as standard F32T8.

Item Number: BLF10716

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