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F32T8 Full Spectrum Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Price Each: $9.41
Item Number: 10864

F32T8 full spectrum fluorescent light bulbs are used in standard four foot fixtures and they have a white color like noontime daylight. The color rendition is very high and this makes them a perfect choice for retail and office lighting. This has a 84 CRI or color rendering index which is high for a fluorescent lamp. Most people prefer these in an office or computer screen situation, making people more productive. Even though these are called full-spectrum lights, that really refers to the color being more like natural daylight. It also means that there will be usually 3 peaks in the spectral chart covering those colors that our eyes use best. It's a name that's been abused some but it does explain the basic idea behind full-spectrum. And many people prefer this T8 full spectrum light over other colors and they may not even know why. But our eyes were made for natural daylight and can see best in that type of light. Not only do we see color better, but we also have better contrast between black and white. That's why so many people like to use this as a reading light or use it as some kind of task light. It's perfect for any kind of overhead office lighting that you have or something like a factory, bringing that outdoor sunshine effect indoors.

Product features:
- 48" long.
- 32 watts.
- 84 CRI
- 5000K color.
- Operates on an electronic ballast.
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