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F32T8 Fluorescent Black Light Blue Bulbs - Shatterproof

F32T8 fluorescent black light blue - shatterproof
Price Each: $42.95

Item Number: BLF24247
F32T8 fluorescent black light blue fluorescent bulbs are the typical lamp used for several types of effects. This is the shatterproof version is safety is a concern. This one is a 48 inch length and has bipin ends that are the same as regular F32T8 lamps. When a light bulb is shatterproof that means that it has a special coating that keeps the glass inside of that coated envelope. It's electrically the same as than non-coated version so you don't need a special ballast or anything like that. You can use it in the same fixtures that you're using the standard F32T8 light bulb with no modification. Even though it has this type of shatter proof coating, it still has an effective black light blue appearance. It's going to work well with special colors that can only be seen under a black light. This is the version that operates on an electronic ballast, so it's different than the older styles T12 version. If you have any questions as to whether this will work in the light fixture, please give us a call and we can help you determine that.

Product features:
- Shatterproof coating.
- 48 inch overall length.
- 1 inch diameter.
- 32 watt.
- Black light effects and stage effects.
- Deep purple color when unlit.
Item Number: BLF24247

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