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F32T8 Blue Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F32T8 blue fluorescent light bulbs create a rich blue effect.
Price Each: $17.95

Item Number: BLF13254
F32T8 blue fluorescent light bulbs are a standard T8 style that creates a bright blue color. These fluorescent bulbs are 48 inch and they produce a lot of light and a bright blue color. These will work in almost any common T8 fluorescent fixtures, so no new ballast is necessary, simply change the bulb you have now. If you're going to get new fixtures, then they work for those designed for an F32T8 lamp. It's easy to get the all the colors you need for any special occasion, that's why these been the choice of many commercial users using them in special places to highlight product or create attention. This blue fluorescent lamp is probably our most popular color because it can be used in so many special occasions. Its deep color will be a perfect accent to almost any type of display or attention-getting area that you want to have. This is also used for some facilities that want to have certain types of designations, and this color achieves that. It's the same electrically as a regular T8 fluorescent tube so all you need to do is replace your existing ones with this. It operates on an electronic ballast so it's going to be energy-efficient. Keep in mind that the light output on some of these colors is not as great as the white light. blue as a phosphor has a lower light output and if you want to illuminate an area with more blue, you will need to use more bulbs. But usually, it's not meant for illumination so much as it is meant for a display and is considered blue specialty bulbs. It's a great way for you to get a pop of blue color in almost any area you may have because this bulb works in so many different 4 foot T8 light fixtures. You could use these in a strip light, or an office light, it doesn't matter. And some people have even used this where they need a very low amount of light or they have a special industrial need that requires it. We do have an alternate way to get a blue lighting effect and that's with a fluorescent tube guard or safety sleeve but for those who want a deeper blue that only a fluorescent can give, this would be the ultimate choice. We also have these in a T12 fluorescent version that operates in light fixtures utilizing a rapid start magnetic ballast. If you have that type of light, you can still have this type of special lighting. Call us for volume pricing if you want to buy them in case quantity which is 30 lamps per case.

Product features:
- Same size as standard 48 inch T8.
- Works in any T8 fluorescent tube fixture.
- 32 watts only.
- 48 inch.
- Works on electronic ballasts.
- Blue.

This type of light bulb is commonly used today with all kinds of T8 lighting fixtures. The blue color is really special and because they’re not filtered blue, that they come from the phosphor itself makes all the difference. Even LED light bulbs at this point don’t compare to the kind of light that these put out. Even though they operate on an electronic ballast and they are T8 lamps this isn’t considered blue to be something that’s energy-efficient because the lumen output is so low relatively speaking. Compared to a blue to a white fluorescent bulb, these have a lower light output but the effect of color is what you’re going for with these. We have many customers that use these around holiday times to get that special splash of color that they can’t get any other way. It makes everything more festive and colorful without having to do any kind of special painting or anything like that. All you have to do is just plug in these lights in existing energy saving T8 light fixtures. A lot of people don’t know it but the blue phosphor is the most expensive phosphor by far in the industry. A leader of the blue phosphor cost as much as 10 times as other colors. The effect is stunning and it really makes a rich blue color that you can’t even get with things like a blue tube guard. Although those may be a good idea at times, it doesn’t do the same job as a blue fluorescent. If you’re unsure of which to use, either a bulb or possibly a blue to guard, we can probably help you sort that out and get you the best decision for what you’re going to use it for. Different applications that art is color critical, could use it to guard and that would be less money than the bulb itself. If you have any questions as to how this will work for you in your home or business application, you can always give us a call. We’ve had extensive experience using this type of lighting and can answer any question that you may have. If you’re looking for blue tube guards, we have those as an alternative to these fluorescents. They slip over the tubes and have ends caps that are placed on the ends. As stated before, it’s a less expensive way to go but it may be all right for some applications where you simply need a blue light and using existing white light with the tube card would work just fine. There’s one more thing to keep in mind with these is that when you get them from us it looks like a white tube. Sometimes people get confused and they think we’ve sent them the wrong thing but once you put it in the light fixture it will glow a very pleasing blue. Blue phosphor unlit looks white and so don’t think that you got the wrong thing. We make sure that we overpack these so there won’t be any damage. On a very rare occasion, sometimes a bulb will get damaged. If that happens, just give us a call and will either send you out a replacement or we will refund you the difference. Additionally, if you have need of a quantity of this type of light, we can give you special case quantity pricing and free ground shipping, so please call us for that and will be happy to help you at
Item Number: BLF13254

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