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F30T8 Colored Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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F30T8 Display Pink Bulbs
F30T8 display pink bulbs
Price Each: $27.24
F30T8 Display Pink Bulbs
F30T8 Red Light Bulbs
F30T8 red light bulbs create a bright red effect.
Price Each: $38.13
F30T8 Red Light Bulbs

Some general information.
One of the best ways to get a lot of color into any spaces with colored fluorescent lights. They provide maximum light output and create light with the phosphors, not some coating that goes over the top of the bulb. It makes it a vibrant color effect that you will have whether using this for a display or want to use it for a holiday or festive occasion. This is the T8 fluorescent tube that operates on a magnetic ballast or sometimes on an electronic ballast. This is the older type of fluorescent lighting that’s been used for many decades, and many people still have this as part of their overhead lighting.

The colors and how it works.
As stated before, fluorescent colored tubes generate the light from the excited phosphors. But one of the things to keep in mind is that when their unlit, they don’t often look like the color. The blue and green color looks like a regular white fluorescent tube, and sometimes people get confused by that. They get them from us, and they call us and let us know that we sent the wrong ones that are white tubes. But once you hook them up to power, you’ll see that they create this wonderfully rich color that many people love. There are several different colors that you can get, and it covers the primary color spectrum. Those colors would be red, blue, green, gold, pink and hot pink. So no matter what kind of area that you’re trying to light, you can use these colors as a single color or use them as a combination. A lot of people don’t think to use these mixed together for other colors, but you can do that.

Different versions of colored fluorescent lights.
This is the 36-inch T8 fluorescent lamp and is used in all kinds of light fixtures, but if you have the T12 version, we have colored fluorescent lights for those as well. Those would be the more common type used today as many people have switched their light fixtures from the older style T12 to T8. They operate on an electronic ballast, and the consistency of the lighting will be better, and you won’t get the flickering that sometimes you get with an F30T8 magnetic.

How can we help you today?
People are often unsure what the best way is to use these for certain types of displays or retail applications. If you’re having that issue, please give us a because we’ve seen just about everything that uses this type of bulb. One of the other places where these are commonly used his restaurants and bars and make sure you email or call us if you need a larger quantity. We can be very competitive with these in full case quantities. You can order any number you like of course, and most people do order just a few at a time. So if you’re thinking about Christmas or unique displays, these lamps will light the area with deep colors that should meet your satisfaction. If you need the T8 version, we have those on our website as well, and you will get the same coloring effect as you do with these.
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