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F28T8/950 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F28T8/950 fluorescent light bulbs for high color rendition in energy efficient T8.
Price Each: $26.95

Item Number: BLF22579

F28T8/950 fluorescent light bulbs are used in color matching or places where the exact color rendition of lighted objects is required. This is the 90 CRI and energy saving 28 watt version. This is a 4 foot lamp and uses the same bipin sockets as regular T12 lamps. The color temperature is an industry standard 5000K for the best balance of color and rendering. They have a ballast that is same electronic ballast used on other T8 lamps.

Product features:
- 40" long.
- 28 watts.
- 90 CRI.
- 5000K color temperature.
- Energy efficient.
- Operates on an electronic ballast.
Item Number: BLF22579

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