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F20T12 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F20T12 fluorescent light bulbs are a common 2 foot T12 lamp.
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F20T12 fluorescent light bulbs are a common size fluorescent lamp which has many special applications throughout the lighting industry. It's been primarily used as a task light bulb because of it's small size, but it's also used for general lighting as well. Many of these lamps were designed with this type of application in mind and are still used in many retail task lighting fixtures. The most common type is the T12 cool white and it's a fluorescent tube that is been very popular throughout the decades. This type of T12 linear fluorescent is exactly 2 feet in length and operates on a rapid start magnetic ballast most of the time. Because the cool white color is so popular it's also designated as a 4100K cool white from many manufacturers. These are reasonably priced and if you don't want to change out the light fixture at this time, than simply replacing these with a new light bulb is the right thing to do. Sometimes you'll see this listed as a 20w T12 fluorescent tube but in any case it's the same physical size and operates on the same ballast. The color rendering is not as good in these common colors so many people upgrade to something like a color correct or full-spectrum type of light. Always remember if your fluorescent light bulbs are flickering, you may have a ballast issue if you put new lamps in and that may need to be replaced. This type of fluorescent lamp is more susceptible to that type of situation if you have these in a task light. Keep in mind that these are not interchangeable with the 40 watt T12 fluorescent tube, that is a four foot linear fluorescent but is often used in conjunction with the shorter tubes for certain types of offices.

Product features:
- 24 inches length T12 fluorescent.
- 20 watts.
- 15,000 life hours.
- Many color choices including 4100K cool white, 2700K warm white and 6500K daylight.
- Operates on magnetic ballasts.
- 20w T12 fluorescent.
- Medium bipin base.
- GE F20T12 linear fluorescent tube.

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