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F18T8 Black Light Blue Bulbs

Price Each: $27.20
Item Number: BLF78323
F18T8 Black Light Blue bulbs are the typical lamp used for several types of effects including the most common one which is Black Light Blue displays and effects. They're also used for stage lighting effects and nighttime scenes that require a special dark sky effect but have colors that jump out of a display. These are 24" inches long from pin to pin and are the same size as standard T8 lamps that you might use in an office overhead light fixture. The effect is most pronounced when all other visible light sources are turned off, that washes out the effect, so best to use it in total darkness. Like any other 18 watt T8 lamp, this bulb operates on the same magnetic ballast so that you can use this bulb anywhere you have a regular F18T8 fluorescent lamp. That also includes multiple lamp configurations; it doesn't matter. So you can get the great Black Light blue effect with almost any fixture that's on the market today. T8 fluorescent bulbs are probably the most pervasive in every office lighting situation and even for homes. If you need a new fixture to use this light in we, have many T8 light fixtures that will accommodate this bulb. So as long as it operates in F18T8, you're going to be able to use this Black Light Blue bulb. Keep in mind that if you have a larger area, you’re going to need quite a few of these lamps to properly give the Black Light blue effect. You won’t be able to just put one or two lamps in an extensive area and have it do its job. Of course, for smaller spaces, you might be able to get by with a two lamps strip fixture something like that, but for a large area, you’re going to need several light fixtures with these lamps in them. Sometimes people call these purple light bulbs but the effect is not purple, it has a particular area of the spectrum to create the Black Light Blue you need.

Product features:
- 18 watts.
- Operates on electronic ballasts.
- Medium bi-pin base.
- Blacklight blue bulbs for various effects.
- Deep purple phosphor when unlit.
- 24-inch overall length including pins.
- F18T8/BLB is one of the ways that these are labeled.

General information.
At, we carry a wide variety of light bulbs including some that are a little more obscure than others. This F18T8 would be one of those, and it’s used in a very specialized application, typically appliance lighting or vending machine lighting. Many decades ago, people specified these for situations where people had a specific length that they needed to utilize. There are limitations with some of these appliance or vending machines and that length of light required to be precisely right. So this comes with the similar name of the product with a different length that is usually tacked to the end of your identification code.

The identifying characteristics of the F18T8.
This lamp is a T8 fluorescent, but it’s not like the other types that you see today. This one operated on a magnetic ballast and continued to do so today. Unlike the different types of T8 lamps that you see with electronic ballasts, this one isn’t particularly energy-efficient it was made for a specific application. This is not to be confused with the other types of T8 lamps that are used for general lighting. It is a fluorescent bulb that had this one application. Some people tell us that they have a hard time finding it at their local store and that’s often the case. This isn’t the type of bulb that a hardware store or a big box retailer is going to carry. For them, there’s not enough demand to put it into stock, but we have plenty of these on hand and can take care of your needs regardless of which length that you need. As mentioned earlier, the length is always designated by the number that’s typically at the end of the code such as K26 which would be a 26-inch length from pin to pin or K28 which would be 28 inches. So you can do a simple measurement from pin to pin on the fluorescent light bulb you have if you’re trying to figure out which one of these 18-watt lamps you have.

The available lamp color.
Sometimes people want different color temperatures for this type of lamp, and at one time there might’ve been different colors such as warm white or daylight, but those are no longer available. You’ll only find the cool white 4100K available today. The good news is that they are still available for almost any kind of appliance light fixtures that you may have. These are usually typical older types of lights regardless of what they’re used in. You could always take a look at the end of the bulb, and it will have a stamp on it to designate which one it is. One of the ways to troubleshoot these if you’re having a problem with them is to determine whether you have a lamp or ballast issue. If the lamp doesn’t come on at all, it could just be that it needs to be changed, but if you see flickering like it’s trying to light, then it might be a ballast issue. We do have magnetic ballast for these bulbs readily available, and you’ll see that as part of the offering within this category.

Energy saving alternatives.
Many people have asked us what some LED alternatives may be for this type of lighting. And although there’s no direct replacement bulb for this in LED, there may be some ways to get around it. Some people have replaced their existing light fixtures with something in place of it such as tape lighting or ribbon lighting. It may not always work out for your situation, but it’s something that could be considered if you want to get rid of this light completely. Of course, if you do, there are energy savings that go along with it. If you want to know how much that you can save by going to something that’s in an LED light source, make sure to download our free spreadsheet that’s on the left-hand column of our website that is an energy-saving calculator. It will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether it makes sense to go to this type of change or retrofit. There’s never been a better time to look at alternatives for something like this, but if you’re a person that wants a replacement bulb we have plenty of those on hand and it still readily available.

How can we help you today?
If you’re unsure about whether you have the right F18T8 light bulb or not, you can always email us or call with any questions you may have. You can always send a picture of what you have as well if you don’t have any identifying stamp on the side of the bulb. If you need a larger quantity of these, make sure to give us a call for that as well as we have special pricing for bulk purchases. We're always trying to help our customers get better lighting if possible, but sometimes the only thing you can do is replace the light bulb. For many of you that may be all, you’re looking for with the F18T8 which is unique and doesn’t lend itself well to doing some retrofit. Keep in mind that we're always looking for new solutions to replace the older type of lighting technology. There’s never been a better time to take a look at the possibility of making a small change and making your life easier without having to use something that is a somewhat obscure type of bulb.
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