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F17T8 Light Ballast - 2 Light
T8 electronic ballasts are devices that regulate the electrical current flowing to a T8 fluorescent lamp.

Price: $21.79
Item #: BLF88281

F17T8 Light Ballasts for 2 - F17T8 lamps are what make it possible to start the lamp and maintain lighting. These come in universal voltage of 120 277 volt, you don't need to know your voltage, the ballast knows and feed it accordingly. These operate F17T8 lamp types. Most often, people install these to replace older T12 magnetic ballasts in some kind of a retrofit or replacement. Because the T12’s and the T8’s use the same sockets, it’s an easy change to something more energy-efficient. This particular version of T8 fluorescent ballasts are an instant start type, not a rapid start like the older T12’s were or programmed start like some T8’s. These will operate a number of T8 lamps at high efficiency with full light output. If you’re unsure which one you have that needs replacement, just give us a call with the code number that’s off the front of the ballast and we can help you identify that. Even though there’s a lot of people moving to LED, many fluorescent lamps are still being used and need replacement ballast which will be available for many years to come. What are some of the signs that you may need to replace an Light Ballast or an older T12 ballast? First of all, you may see that the lamps may have trouble starting and that means that some of the voltage being supplied by the ballast is not sufficient. Another thing to look for is if the lamps will go out after operation intermittently, that means the ballast is either overheating or the voltage is not proper and there is a failure of a component. In either of those cases you need to replace the ballast and it’s a simple thing to do. Some people have asked us whether you can use older T12 bulbs on this type of ballast and the answer would be no. It’s electrically made to only operate on T8 fluorescent lamps. If you were to put in a T12 bulb you would most likely get a lot of flickering and it’s generally something that’s completely intolerable. You would also shorten the life of the fluorescent to and possibly the ballast itself. So once again please call us if you have any questions regarding the operation of the lighting system when it comes to ballasts. We probably seen almost any issue that you may have and could recommend the right ballast and solution for your situation.

Product features:
- Universal voltage.
- Energy saving two lamp F17T8 Light Ballasts.
- Instant start.
- Ballast Height H (in) 1.6000
- Ballast Length L (in) 9.5000
- Ballast Width W (in) 2.3800
- fewer than 10% total harmonic distortion.
- Full light output.
- 5-year warranty.

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