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F-Can Light Ballasts

F-Can ballasts are a type of electronic device that is used to regulate the electrical current flowing through fluorescent lamps. The "F-Can" name refers to the shape of the ballast enclosure, which is cylindrical in shape and resembles a can. These ballasts are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them a popular choice for use in commercial and industrial lighting applications, as well as in some residential settings. They are typically used with T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps, which are linear fluorescent lamps of different sizes. They are responsible for providing the necessary power to start and operate the lamps, and also help to maintain a consistent level of brightness over the life of the lamp. They also improve energy efficiency by regulating the amount of power consumed by the lamp.
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Metal Halide Encased F-Can Ballast Kit
Metal halide F-can ballasts.
Price: Starting at $202.12
Metal Halide Encased F-Can Ballast Kit

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