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Emergency Lights

Emergency lighting is a must when it comes to commercial or residential properties.  This type of specific lighting is essential for any kind of emergency, such as a fire or an electric outage.  Even if there is no emergency, maintaining and replacing exit light batteries, emergency light batteries and even newer emergency light ballasts are safety necessities. Emergency lighting provides industry-standard illumination that will keep you and others around you safe in such situations. At, we make sure you have the proper fixtures for your home or business. All of our emergency products are made from superior materials made to last for many years.  We pride ourselves on sturdy construction for every one of our light fixtures and light bulbs.  We offer a wide range of emergency fixtures such as emergency light ballasts, exit light batteries, and emergency light batteries.
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Emergency lighting is an essential part of any safe and secure building plan. Obviously, much of it is regulated by fire codes and you should be aware of your local codes when installing these. You want to make sure that you have your exits covered properly with egress lighting so that people can get out in case of an emergency. If you're unsure of that, contact your local fire inspector and he can help you determine what you need. If it's new construction, that will be specified by an engineer. If you have any questions regarding light output and what kind of light you may want to use, we can help you with that. spacer
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