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Emergency Light Ballasts

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Some general information.

This is probably one of the best solutions for emergency lighting ever invented. It gives you an emergency capability to have the lights come on when there’s a fire or some kind of other power outage situation. But instead of having emergency lights mounted on a wall somewhere and distracting from the interior space, all you need to do is put these in place with fluorescent light fixtures. These are made to operate fluorescent lamps for at least 90 minutes and it doesn’t change the look of your interior space at all. Because these are mounted inside the light fixture in most cases, in the ballast channel, you’re never going to see it unless you remove that. All you’ll know is that when that power outage occurs this will give people light to get out of the building.

Be safe by knowing what you need.
These come with an emergency battery inside which holds the charge to operate the lamp in the existing light fixture. It’s very simple and no different from any other kind of emergency lighting, it’s all based on battery power. You have several choices with these in regards to the type of lamp which could be a T8 or T12 lamp, a T5 T8 combination or long compact lamps like a GE long biax. It won’t light the lamp took full light output, but usually does a percentage which is somewhere around 30 percent. In a dark building that’s plenty of light to figure out where to go. Of course, you do have lumen ratings for different emergency ballasts depending on what your local codes are and what they expect the output to be. You can use these with almost any fluorescent ballasts operating in standard light fixtures.

The wiring.
When it comes to wiring this type of device in your existing light fixtures, there are a lot of wires and you need to look at the wiring diagram that comes with the product. It can be a little complicated and it’s not as simple as rewiring a ballast all by itself. It’s another component that has to be used in conjunction with your existing ballast so the wiring is critical to get right. You want to make sure that it works perfectly when you have that emergency situation where the power goes out. We have reliable manufacturers for this type of product but many people have recognized Philips Bodine as one of the leaders in this area of the lighting industry. Even though that is true, the products that we have performed very well and are an excellent replacement for those no matter what your type of lighting situation may be.

How can we help you today?
Always keep in mind that these emergency ballasts are used in conjunction with existing ballast you may have already. Your standard ballast will operate the light fixture normally, but when the power goes out it will switch over to an emergency like ballast which will then run the lamp at a lower light output for egress lighting. Check your local codes as to where you need to place these, a local fire inspector will know exactly what you need to do in that kind of a situation for you to be in compliance. And if you’re building a new building the engineer will specify this as well. If you’re looking for a larger quantity of these items, please email us or call us for a bulk price discount. We always have plenty of these on hand and we can help you with making sure you get the right one for your needs. These come with a five-year warranty and they can also come with a test button so you can know that they’re working properly. Let us know if we can help you today in any kind of emergency lighting needs that you have, whether it’s battery replacement, wall-mounted emergency lights or something else.
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