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Compact Fluorescent Plug-In Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent plug-in light bulbs are an energy efficient light source for recessed and various commercial light fixtures. These have a dedicated plug-in base that is operated on a specific ballast for that wattage and size. One of the advantages of using these is that you can have a choice of color, a warmer incandescent-like color or the more popular office lighting 4100K color. They're often used with electronic ballasts and some of the 4 pin variety have the ability to be dimmed with a dimming ballast. Be aware that even though the pin configuration may be similar, the base is still quite different between the wattages. The reason for that is that people can't put in something that doesn't actually belong there. The wattages are different for reason and usually have a ballast that reflects that wattage, so they are not interchangeable. Compact fluorescent plug-in light bulbs will continue to be used long into the future even though there are LED versions to replace them one for one. We have these for replacement but we can also get them in new recessed light fixtures where there often used. All the information that we need to help you find the one that you have is the information that is stamped on the base of each one of these light bulbs. From that we can determine the wattage, the configuration and the color to match up with what you have now, so give us a call if you need to. spacer
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