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Cloud LED Commercial Lights - 2 Foot - 4 3500K Lamps Included
LED cloud light fixtures are designed to mimic the look of a cloud or other soft and diffused light source.

Price: $177.94
Item #: BLF351104

LED cloud lighting fixture 2 foot with 4 LED 3500K lamps included will produce a pleasing, soft light for many situations. Our entire cloud series is a decorative way to create a unique look that also functions for maximum light output. You have a choice of color so you can get exactly the kind of light you want for any interior space. The LED puff cloud light lens distributes light evenly so you can have a pleasing glow for your home or business. A cloud of illumination from a contemporary shallow acrylic diffuser provides soft and even light for the home or office. Ideal for kitchens, hallways, lobbies and any area that would aesthetically benefit from soft and even lighting. It's flush mount design is easy to install regard fewer of the surface. The lens attaches to the base and is easily removable for any cleaning or maintenance and is a contemporary opal acrylic that will not yellow. One of the nice features of this ceiling lighting fixture is that you can change the LED bulbs in the future if you want a different light color or want the latest new technology in tubes. This has two lamps that are included with the light and will produce the same amount of light that the old fluorescents did. It’s made in the USA, so it’s a high-quality lighting fixture, far better in construction than cheap imports.

Product features:
- 60 watts.
- 120 / 277-volt universal voltage.
- 6800 lumens.
- 3500K light color.
- 1x4 puff cloud lighting fixture.
- Indestructible opal white lens.
- Surface mount.
- Dimension: 25" x 17" x 6"
- UL listed.
- Made in the USA.
- 5-year warranty.

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