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Circle Black Light Bulbs - Medium Base

Price Each: $35.29
Item Number: BLF106121
Circle black light bulbs with a medium base can be put into many types of standard base light fixtures. This is the 22-watt version creating that special black lighting effect. The lamp is 8 inches in diameter and can be used anywhere you have a household size socket. What's great about this light bulb is that it's a complete solution to get a black light without having to do anything else with a light fixture other than screw it in. It's an excellent way to get a lot of black light in a circular small compact size that can fit into many different types of light fixtures or freestanding sockets. It has a very long life of 10,000 hours, so if you use it only on special occasions, you could expect to get many years of reliable service out of it. This is the black light blue phosphor which is that deep purple that makes different kinds of special displays come alive with bright colors. On the underside are the ballast and the base which screws in the socket. It's all part of one complete unit, so you don't have to do any special wiring or anything like that.

Product features:
- E26 medium base.
- Round shape.
- 10,000-hour life.
- Self-ballasted.
- Black light blue color (BLB).
- 8-inch diameter.
General information.
At, we have a complete line of various types of black light, but this is the BLB or black light blue version. These are fluorescent bulbs that use a particular phosphor that emits the black light effect, or it’s an incandescent bulb that blocks most visible light with a filter creating what is probably a lesser effect. When it comes to the fluorescent tubes, many people will call this an ultraviolet light, and it’s most commonly associated as mentioned before with unique types of special pigments that glow-in-the-dark. For most people, these are used for special display lighting effects, such as a theater production where a dark sky or some background needs to be indicated. It’s also used over Halloween where many people have their homebrewed displays and utilize the paints that that glow when used in conjunction with a BLB bulb. It’s also used where certain types of markings need to be identified in an industrial situation or sometimes with the TSA. All of those commercial applications typically use something that would be a smaller bulb or a CFL.

The specifics, please.
There’s nothing electrically different between these and other types of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, so you don’t have to make any adjustment with the existing light fixture. There’s no rewiring that’s required or anything like that. Just plug the new bulb in where the old one was, and you’re all set to go. If you need light fixtures that will utilize any of these types, we have many selections for that in different kinds of strip light fixtures, cabinet light fixtures or something that’s maybe more industrial. No matter which way you go with it, you can be assured that this is going to work in any light fixture that has the same code if it’s a fluorescent or incandescent bulb. There are two different versions of this type of bulb; one is a screw-in type which could be an incandescent or a compact fluorescent. The other type is a linear fluorescent which needs to operate on a ballast which is inside the light fixture. There are specific lengths which work for certain types of light fixtures; they’re not all interchangeable.

What's the best black light bulb to use?
People often ask what’s the best lighting effect that you can have using a black light bulb. Most of the time that would be a linear fluorescent. It gives off the most significant amount of the black lighting effect although if you have an extensive area, you’ll have to use several fixtures to get that effect everywhere. You can’t just put one tube somewhere in the room and expected to glow everything with that black lighting effect. If you’re unsure about how many that you may need, we can probably help you with that so that you have a successful display or party or whatever you might be doing with this bulb. Right behind the linear fluorescent version ineffectiveness would be the screw-in compact fluorescent flood lights which have the same kind of phosphor. It’s very effective, but it needs to be used in close range as the light output is not high. Probably the least effective is the incandescent version because it’s a filtered black light. It does work, and it is low-cost, and for a lot of types of displays, it’s about the color that it’s putting off which is a purple color. But if you want to get that pop of glow that you get with certain types of paints and things like that, this would not be the right one to use.

How can we help you today?
If you’re unsure about what you have and you need a little bit of help, please call or email us with any information you have, and we can help you. We probably have seen everything that’s out there as far as black lighting and if it’s something we haven’t noticed we can point you in the right direction. We carry all of these different types of black lights, and we probably have the one that you need for whatever application that you may have, something commercial or something for display or party.

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