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Christmas Light Bulbs

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LED Candelabra C7 Bulbs
LED candelabra base bulbs
Price Each: $6.11
LED Candelabra C7 Bulbs

Let out your Christmas spirit!

Christmas is that special time of year that most people love and one of the things that can make it even better are great decorations and traditional Christmas lighting. It’s one of those things that ushers in the holiday season when many people get out the Christmas decorations and start to transform their interior space into something more festive. In the past, it was always about incandescent lights, which are still commonly used today but also LED Christmas lights have become a significant part of what people use to create their light show. So get out the extension cords and start thinking about how you’ll display the lighting in your home or business!

Change to Christmas colors.
Most of what you see here is colored Christmas lights, different kinds of bulbs for outdoor lighting and LED lighting that can be used in existing light fixtures. LED technology has not only changed energy efficiency in regular commercial or home lighting, but it’s also changed the way that we present this kind of special occasions. The look and color of LED mini lights seem to have a crisper light, something that even you can see in things like icicle lights or twinkle lights. And they do make a high impact, primarily when used as outdoor Christmas lights put into trees or along a home. But some people are staying with their old-school string lights that use an incandescent bulb. These are still sold today, but it has greatly diminished over time. People want the look of a Christmas tree or light set that looks like it did when they were children. That’s why a lot of people still want to use the old lights that they have, and we have many bulbs for those so you can maintain that look. It’s true, it does look very traditional, and there’s something about an incandescent source that an LED can never replicate.

Light strings can be frustrating.
Some people are opting for different kinds of rope lighting for outdoors as well because they last longer than some of these light strings. The traditional light string whether it was incandescent or LED can have problems, and it doesn’t have much to do with the bulbs themselves. Often being twisted around and moved a lot, the wiring being cheap will develop some breaks. This will cause it to work or not work at all intermittently. That’s when people have to go out and buy new ones almost every year, and it becomes a little bit frustrating although some products are starting to become a bit more reliable. But anytime you have a long wire and bulbs attached to it; there can be some problems over time if there moved a lot and manipulated. There isn’t perfect metal memory with wiring, with many of these it just breaks and has to be replaced. As far as any replacements go, there’s probably never been a better time to do that because there are so many different choices that you have. You see everything from more traditional lighting to the updated LED lights.

Red, green and blue for you!
The traditional colors for Christmas are red, green and blue and we carry many of those types of lights in many different light sources. You can get vibrant, accurate colors that are going to reflect whatever kind of display you may have or a particular type of decoration. These are great to use in a lot of track lighting or recessed lighting, and we do have many of the outdoor rated PAR38, PAR30 or PAR20 that many people use to highlight their home or business during the holiday. If you’re trying to do a simple replacement of one bulb or another, the colors that we have will directly replace them as they are electrically the same. Our colored light bulbs are high-quality and art some cheap import. They have excellent coatings which will last for many years to come through many seasons of Christmas. We only carry good quality products and are much better quality than what you would find it a big box store. These will last longer, and they’re made with commercial grade construction. They hold up much better than what you might find it a retail store.

How can we help you today?
If you are unsure as to what you might need to use for your display or Christmas decorations, please give us a call or email us with your question. We have many years of experience that can help you get the right product for your specific holiday lighting application. If you’re having trouble identifying the bulb that you need, you can also send us a picture of that by email or text, and we can take a look at it. We can usually identify it right away and can direct you to that product on our website. If you're looking to make a bulk purchase, let us know, and we can work up special pricing for you. We hope you have a Merry Christmas this year and wish you all the best!
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