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Can LED light bulbs be used in any light fixture?

This question might seem to be a simple one, but it can get a little complicated. For most regular standard light bulbs that you might be replacing with LED, then most of the time they could be used in any light fixture that you have. This would be any kind of light fixture that's on and off only and as long as you stay below the wattage limits of that fixture that's on the label. Those are set by the manufacturer for your safety because of heat issues and that used to be more of a problem with incandescent. But because LED light bulbs are so low in heat, they almost always qualify to be put in any light fixture that you may have. Now all that being said, there are instances where you can't use them or maybe you need to make some adjustments. If you have a dimmer on any of the light fixtures that you have, you not only have to make sure that the bulb can be dimmed but also that it is dimmed with the correct type of dimmer. That's usually an LED dimmer and those a readily available today. What you don't want to have happen is if you get into a situation where you undervoltage the lamp itself and that can cause some problems. And it's a completely different story if you're talking about replacing fluorescent lamps with LED. In that case you have to make sure that you take the ballast out and wired directly into 120 or 277 volt or you get the kind of LED linear light bulb that operates on a fluorescent ballast. This also goes for certain types of HID such as metal halide where you would need to have the correct bulb that would bypass the ballast or one that operates directly on the ballast itself. I know this can be a little bit confusing, but there are differences in LED light bulbs for various applications. So the best thing to say about whether you can use an LED light bulb in any light fixture is that it depends on how you're using the existing light fixture. Of course if you are just changing a standard light bulb with an on off switch then all you have to do is replace the bulb. So just be aware of what type of LED light bulb you are trying to put in and the application that you're using it in. If you do that you should be able to determine which one that you can use for your light fixtures.
We appreciate your business and let us know if there's any way we can help you.

John Bolduan

Our goal is good lighting for you.
If you’re an electrical contractor or a commercial building owner, we especially will take care of you with lighting that’ll be the most energy efficient possible but also will come at a reasonable price. As we’ve stated many times on our website, we sell USA made products whenever possible and many times we can do just that. The quality of products made here in the USA is superior to a lot of the imported stuff that comes in. But of course, there are times when we can only sell and imported product. But be assured that we get just the highest quality proven products that will last for the long term for you. One of the services that we provide is doing layouts for people that need to know how many fixtures that they will need for their situation. It’s essential that we understand what you’re going to be doing underneath the lights whether it be a manufacturing facility, a warehouse or if the work is general lighting or delicate tasks. It matters because then we can help you determine what kind of foot-candle level you’ll need so that people can be the most productive they can in the workplace. It’s crucial to get lighting right the first time, so a lot of costly adjustments don’t need to be made later. And one of the things that we like to see people invest in is a lighting system that works with them far into the future.

Saving money is a good thing.
With today’s LED technology you not only get excellent lighting but you also get fantastic energy savings that will is gained in just a couple of years or less. Be aware that there are electric utility rebates that could help you reduce payback on a new lighting system. On the left-hand column of our website, we have a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that will give you simple lighting calculations as to how much you can save in both energy and maintenance. And if you’re a more significant quantity user of any of these type of light fixtures, we can get you special discount pricing. We stand behind our products with excellent warranties provided by our manufacturers against anything defective or damaged. We go to great lengths to properly package everything and make sure that never happens, but if it does, we stand behind it and will take care of you. Lighting is one of those things in life that never seems important until it’s not sufficient. It’s one of those things we take for granted as long as it works okay. But as soon as it doesn’t work correctly, you’re going to hear about it. That’s why we carry many replacement items that are part of any light fixture whether it be sockets, ballasts or lamps so that you can keep your systems running well. It’s vital for any business to have good productivity and lighting is one of those essential things that make it all possible.

How can we help you today?
If you’re unsure as to what might be the best light selection for your application, give us a call, and we can help you discover what might be best for you. And even if we don’t have what might work for you, we can refer you to others we know in the industry who may be able to help. It’s not just about selling you a light fixture or a light bulb; it’s about getting you the best possible lighting. Of course, we believe we have a wide variety of products that are going to be able to satisfy almost any need that most people have, and we're going to do it at a price that will make you satisfied. Once you see the quality of our lighting products, you’ll be back again when you have further need in the future. And that’s what we’re trying to create; we want to be your lighting vendor, we want to be a part of your business. You can contact us anytime by phone or email, and you can even text us to get the answers that you need. There’s never been a time to take a look at new lighting because of all the high energy efficiencies and how well they perform. Light can be a beautiful thing, and we want to show you how we can make it work optimally for you.

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