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BL350 BlackLight Bulbs

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BL350 blacklight light bulbs used in certain exposure processes are known also as 350 black lights or 350BL. Black light 350 bulbs are used mostly for special exposure and bug light fixtures. There are many industrial machines that use this type of bulb to spot imperfections or used in some kinds of metal or plate exposure. If you're looking for them in a bug zapper, then the size must be exactly the same as what you use now. Typically these run off a magnetic ballast or possibly an electronic ballast if you have a newer unit. But most of these have been used for many decades in the past and still give the exact type of lighting you need in a narrow part of the spectrum. The 350 stands for 350 nanometer peak in the spectral range. Nearly all of its light comes from that area of the visible spectrum which can be used for many of the tasks that we have been talking about. It comes in all different sizes which vary in watts and length of the light bulb and whatever fixture that you have needs to be matched up to that length and wattage. It’s very simple to look on the side of the light tube itself to see which one you have and select from our list. We should state this isn’t the kind of black light that is used for special effects like the black light blue, that’s a completely different type of black light. And when this one is unlit it simply has a white phosphor appearance. Once it’s lit it goes into this light purple that you characteristically see in bug zappers or bug attractants. Of course, there may be situations where you might use this for some kind of effect but that is not its primary use.

Product features:
- 350 black light or black light 350BL.
- Various wattage and lengths.
- Used many times for industrial processes.
- Used in bug zappers or attractants.

General information.
At, we have a complete line of various types of black light 350, but this is the 350-nanometer version. These are fluorescent bulbs that use a particular phosphor that emits the black light effect. When it comes to the fluorescent tubes, many people will call this an ultraviolet light, and it’s most commonly associated as mentioned before with unique types of applications. For most people, these are used for insect traps; It’s also used where certain kinds of markings need to be identified in an industrial situation or sometimes with the special scanners. All of those commercial applications typically use something that would be a smaller bulb.

The specifics, please.
There’s nothing electrically different between these and other types of fluorescent bulbs, so you don’t have to do any adjustment with the existing light fixture. There’s no rewiring that’s required or anything like that. Just plug the new bulb in where the old one was, and you’re all set to go. If you need light fixtures that will utilize any of these types, we have many selections for that in different kinds of strip light fixtures, cabinet light fixtures or something that’s maybe more industrial. No matter which way you go with it, you can be assured that this is going to work in any light fixture that has the same code if it’s a fluorescent bulb. There are specific lengths which operate for certain types of light fixtures; they’re not all interchangeable. The main thing to keep in mind is that these bulbs look white when not lit when electrified they are a soft purple glow.

What's the best black light bulb to use?
People often ask what’s the best lighting effect that you can have using a black light bulb. Most of the time that would be a linear fluorescent. It gives off the most substantial amount of the black lighting effect although if you have a huge area, you’ll have to use several fixtures to get that effect everywhere. You can’t just put one tube somewhere in the room and expected to glow everything with that black lighting effect. If you’re unsure about how many that you may need, we can probably help you with that so that you have a successful display or party or whatever you might be doing with this bulb. Right behind the linear fluorescent version ineffectiveness would be the screw-in compact fluorescent floodlights which have the same kind of phosphor. It’s very useful, but it needs to be used in close range as the light output is not high.

The light bulb labeling for this lamp.
Many different manufacturers have slightly different code numbers for these lamps, but typically you’ll see something like 350, 350BL or BL stamped on the side of the bulb. They all mean the same thing which is a lamp that peaks in the 350-nanometer range to the exclusion of nearly everything else. It gives you that purple glow when lighting it up. This bulb is different than the other kind of black light which is a black light blue, and that’s the deep purple color. These are entirely different and used for different types of lighting applications. If you are using these for a bug zapper, we need to know what’s on the lamp itself, we can’t cross reference from different manufacturers of bug zappers, there’s too many on the market, and there were no industry standards for which the lamp would be used in which unit. If you’re unsure about what you have, you can always send us an email with product images, and that should tell the story. Many of those types of images would be something that is in the neighborhood of the 25 or 40-watt range.

How can we help you today?
If you’re unsure about what you have and you need a little bit of help, please call or email us with any information you have, and we can help you. We probably have seen about everything that’s out there as far as black light 350BL and if it’s something we haven’t noticed we can point you in the right direction. We carry all of these different types of black lights, and we probably have the one that you need for whatever application that you may have, something commercial or industrial and of course, bug zapper attraction.
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