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Are there 12 volt LED light bulbs for RV & marine use?

With all the different types of LED light bulbs on the market, there's more and more ways to replace less efficient lighting than ever before. But a lot of people have asked us whether there are LED light bulbs for RV and marine use and even landscape lighting in 12 or 24 volt. The good news is that recently we have one of our manufacturers that came out with 12 volt and 24 volt LED corncob light bulbs that will meet the ability for those lower voltages. They can be screwed-in directly into a regular medium base socket and will greatly lower the wattage that you may have for your application. With RVs and boats, people want to use the least amount of wattage they can because these are typically running off a battery. If you want to reduce your lighting consumption by 90 percent, then this is a good way to go for those of you who have recreational vehicles. You can extend your battery's life and leave the lights on longer because you're going to have that much more capacity not wasted on lighting. Although it may be a small thing, it does make a difference when you can save energy here and there. A 12 volt and 24 volt system is very common for these type of vehicles and is a great solution to get a lot of light for the least amount of watts. These also will work for those of you who have landscape lighting and maybe have a post light attached to it. If that's running off 12 volt or even 24 volt (which is rare), it will also give you the maximum light output that you can get with a low voltage LED light bulb. So it can run off a transformer that feeds it with 12 or 24 volt or a battery such as in the case of RVs and boats. These are also a small light bulb and can be used in a completely enclosed light fixture. Enclosed fixtures typically used in those type of applications because it is outdoors usually and the bulb itself is damp location rated so it is suitable for outdoor use inside of a light fixture. So when it's all about increasing battery life and getting a nice light output for your transportation vehicle, this might be a good solution for you.

Let me know if there's anything else we can help you with.

John Bolduan

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