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Agro Lite Lamps - 40 Watt - T12

agro lite lamps - 40 Watt - T12
Price Each: $18.62
Item Number: BLF165199
agro lamps in 40 watt T12 are a 4-foot fluorescent plant light that delivers great results for almost any plant. The spectrum it creates is ideal for any type of plant and emits a pleasing light color. They have that special color which has a slightly purple tint. They can be used on any standard magnetic ballast that is used for F40T12 lamp and a medium bi pin base, although some of them operate on an electronic ballast as well. Many people use these for early seed germination in the springtime before they get their plants moved outdoors. Everyone wants to get a head start on the agroing season and this is a good way to do that. These fluorescent lamps are a great way to go because they have all the UV output that even an incandescent can't produce, so you're going to get better results. You can use these in shop light fixtures and we have those available online that work well with these and keep in mind that these are the older style version. We do have the F32T8 version which is updated with an electronic ballast and is more energy efficient.
Product features:
- 40 watt.
- 48" inches long.
- Wide spectrum.
- 40w T12 fluorescent light bulb.
- For all types of indoor plant agroth.

General information.
A lot’s been happening in the area of agro lighting with various options for better energy efficiency and effectiveness. But one of the most effective types that have ever been made has been the F40 fluorescent because of its color temperature and excellent UV output. One of the reasons people like this light so much is that it’s so easy to implement because it’s used often times in a shop light that many people have mounted or suspended in a vacant room or basement. All they have to do is plug it into an outlet and put the agro lights in and they’re all set to go. It’s a very low-cost option but one that many people still use for their early seed germination and getting a head start on spring planting. There are also situations where people are trying to keep plants alive during the winter or at least doing better than they normally would if they were next to a cold window. You can mount these at any height you like but people often mount them at a lower height not far above the plants themselves. It’s important not to touch the plans as these fluorescent lights still give off a fair amount of heat especially on the ends.

The T12 agro lights are still available.
You can use these in any type of T12 fluorescent light fixture so it doesn’t have to just be a shop light. Any type of fluorescent that uses this type of lamp electrically, can also use the scroll light with no problem. As mentioned earlier, they do operate on a magnetic ballast and that’s okay if you have an older fixture. But if you want to get something that’s going to be a little more dependable and have less flicker as a result, then you might want to consider getting an electronic ballast for the one you have as a replacement. Electronic ballasts operate at a higher frequency so they don’t have any kind of flickering, just an instant-on and excellent light output when paired with the right kind of light.

The T8 alternative.
For those of you who have quite a number of these, you may want to consider going to something more energy-efficient. We do have these in the F32T8 version which can operate unless watts while still giving you excellent light output. It’s the same basic phosphor but the outputs a little bit better and it’s going to maintain that light output much longer in the future. If you’re going to get new shop lights, then this is the one that most people have on hand including us. We can sell this along with the agro lights making it a complete system for you to keep your plants agroing well throughout the winter or the early spring. There are some LED options and that would require a little bit of rewiring but for most applications, you don’t get the same amount of UV output like you do with a fluorescent or HID light.

HID lighting for plant agroth.
And speaking of HID, something like a metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamp, that could be an option for people that want to upgrade to get a really high light output with a lot of UV that could definitely help plants agro even better. Most people order the metal halide high bay light fixtures which are a complete set of components so all you have to do is properly wire it to power and mounted accordingly. It’s a much bigger light fixture because it has a much bigger bulb and it’s for a person is really serious about getting the maximum amount of light for an operation of agroth. You’ll have to make consideration as to how much wattage that your circuits can handle and whether or not the fluorescent version is good enough for your situation. If it is, the least expensive way for you to do this type of indoor agroing would be with this type of fluorescent, but it’s also effective at the same time.

How can we help you today?
We’ve had a lot of experience with people using this type of lamp in their situation and we can help you with more information about the products we sell. If you’re looking at a larger quantity of these type of agro lights, we can get you some special pricing that reflects that quantity. Typically these come in a case of 30, and that would qualify for special pricing. We just want you to know that we pack these really well so that they don’t break on the way to you. We’re very careful about making sure that these four-foot fluorescent lamps are well packaged for that purpose. And just so you know, if there happens to be damage which rarely happens, will send you out replacements for free because we are responsible for getting the product there undamaged. Also if you’re looking at a larger quantity there are times we can provide free shipping on orders over two cases. Let us know if you have any questions about this or anything else you see on our website and will be happy to help you and make you a satisfied customer today.

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