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Acorn Prismatic Type III Globe Incandescent Light Fixture

Acorn prismatic Type III globe 26 inch light fixture
Price Each: $686.95

Item Number: BLF15098
Acorn prismatic type III globe incandescent light fixture is the largest replacement for pole top lights that need a boulevard light distribution. This is an incandescent version which means you can also use induction, LED or compact fluorescent in this product if energy savings is your thing. They've been used for years for street lighting, apartments and commercial buildings.

Product features:
- 26" prismatic globe size.
- Type III elongated light distribution.
- Pole top tenon mount fitter.
- Made for standard 3 inch poles.
- Made for 120 volt incandescent, screw-in induction or compact fluorescent.
- Black powdercoat aluminum.

Item Number: BLF15098

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