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Acorn Globes

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General information on acorn globes.
At, we supply only quality lighting products, and that includes all sorts of different kinds of accessories. These aren't just plastic globes, but high-quality lighting parts that are going to give you excellent performance over time and replace the existing acorn lights that may have broken. You will probably find the quality of these to be even superior to what you had before. These are made from polycarbonate which is also known as Lexan; it’s an unbreakable plastic material that works well for this type of application. It’s functionally indestructible and it’s going to last for a very long time for any street lighting situation. These aren’t always used in street lighting, but also in parking lots to along buildings and walkways. They are made to create an antique look while still maintaining good lighting security throughout an area. Sometimes these need to be replaced for any number of different reasons. Sometimes the ones you have are broken, and the reason that happens is that they do become a little brittle over time with heat and also sunlight breaking them down. Those are the biggest enemies of this type of product, and over time they get old and need to be replaced. All the flexibility that was available in them before has gone away, and they are more susceptible to breakage.

The configurations.
These come in basically two different types of configurations, one which is just for general lighting and it spreads light evenly in all directions and the other being something with it type distribution which can either elongate the light for boulevard lighting or give more of a square pattern. It all depends on the application and what you’re trying to do. If you do have street lighting then typically people use something like a type III distribution because that elongated light spread covers to the side on either way down the street while right out front to the fixture it is lessened. Of course, there are different sizes as well, and it all depends on the light fixture that you have. Make sure to take some measurements on which are trying to replace and they will be very close to one of these if not spot-on. It’s also important to know what the opening size is where it connects to the light fixture. Most often these have a lip that is on them, but you need to be aware of what that opening is, that will tell which one will work properly for you. Even though these are a replacement acorn globe, we also have these in entirely new light fixtures. If your existing light fixtures are very beat up or old, and everything seems to be falling apart on them, then changing just this globe isn’t going to do the right job. You probably need to go to an entirely new light fixture, and this will come with the globe, the base and the connection that you make to an existing pole. Sometimes that’s what needs to be done and if you’re thinking about doing that for a larger project, contact us for special pricing for that type of situation.

How can we help you today?
Sometimes when people are changing over to more efficient LED lighting, they often change the globe along with it. This makes a lot of sense because if you put a new LED light in an old globe, it’s probably not going to look that impressive. If the globe has yellowed over time, you’re not going to get the lighting effect that you need. It’s often a good time to replace everything with a new bulb and globe; it will make all the difference and make it look almost like a new light fixture. And there’s never been a better time to take a look at saving energy with LED with all the rebates that are available and all the different products that cannot only give you better energy efficiency but also upgrade your lighting. If you have old street light globes, this could be the perfect opportunity to get something a little updated and change the whole look of either some area lighting or something along a street. Call us or email us if you have any questions about any of these light fixtures or if you’re unsure of how it will work for you. We have a lot of experience with this product, and we can help you get the right acorn street lighting globe for your application.
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