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Westgate LED 1x4 Surface Mount Panel Light Fixture - 40 Watt - 3000K

Price Each: $199.84
Item Number: 76301

Westgate LED 1x4 surface mount panel light fixtures with 40 watt 3000K are made to create a wide area of light in an office lighting situation. You can mount these on almost any surface, making it one of the most flexible light sources to cover a myriad of lighting applications. The light itself is post-painted so the edges aren't so sharp, that makes them electrical contractor friendly and easy to install. This is probably the most basic types of surface mount light fixture that they could be used almost anywhere whether it was an office, or even a home lighting situation. The acrylic alliance will bring even lighting throughout the space and breaks up the type pattern of the LED's. The lamps are included and so you won't have to change anything for many years to come. It does give you the flexibility of changing lamps in the future if energy efficiency gets even better or possibly you want to change color of the light in the space. It gives you the ultimate flexibility in a surface mount light that can change with you down the road. You'll also get a choice of wattage and that depends on how many lamps you choose. You also get a choice of color, anything from 3000K to 5000K making it possible to adapt to any interior space that you have. Keep in mind that 5000 K is like outside daylight and it is very bright and white. The lower color temperatures have a little more of an incandescent color. This is great for any energy saving project you have when you don't happen to drop grid ceiling and you need to mount it directly to a service.

Product features & specifications:
- 40 watts.
- 4000 lumens.
- 3000K light color.
- 0-10 volt dimming.
- Panel lens.
- Dimension: W = 1 foot L = 4 foot.
- 120 / 277 volt universal voltage.
- 5-year warranty.

General information.
This is one of the many variations you can get today with new LED 1x4 surface mount light fixtures. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your lighting to something that is not only going to give you excellent illumination but also going to provide you with the least amount of energy use possible. We strive to help all our customers reach those goals when considering a new lighting arrangement. These are the LED lights that replaced the old fluorescent troffers used in the past. These are the ones with the prismatic lens typically and were used for many decades as an effective way to get a good light spread over a larger area. A low cost was always the consideration when specifying this type of lighting.

Good lighting is so important.
Now that we talked about energy efficiency, it’s time to talk about proper lighting. We often say that if you save all the energy in the world, but the lighting job turns out to be poorly done, you haven’t saved anything. Whatever you saved in energy you may lose in productivity or sales if it’s a retail situation. So it’s important to get this done right the first time. We want you to have good lighting while you’re saving a lot of energy. That’s the primary goal, and that’s what it’s all about. If you’re unsure about how many light fixtures you’ll need to get a good lighting job done, you can give us some of the information about the room or rooms you’re trying to light, and we can do a sample layout that will provide you with the necessary lighting for your situation. It’s an excellent way to make sure that what you’re doing is going to fit the task that you’re doing underneath the light as well as the general effect that it will have on the space.

Color makes the room.
Another consideration that people need to take into account when changing over to new LED 1x4 panel lights is color temperature. Sometimes people think it’s not that important then they will say that you can give me whatever you feel is best, but we don’t like to do that. It’s an individual choice whether you want something that’s going to have a warmer color appearance or something that’s going to be a cooler color. And a personal preference can reflect on how well office functions. You want to make sure that people are pleased with the color of light if you don’t have that you’ll get people grumbling and may be using it as an excuse for not getting things done. Typically the warmer color is something around 3000K; cool white is about 4100K and daylight is 5000K.

How can we help you today?
Call us if you have any questions about these LED 1x4 surface mount lighting fixtures or anything else you see on our website. We want to help you get the best lighting possible, and we have many years of reliable expertise working with commercial and industrial customers, retail, home users, electricians and general contractors. We can help you get the right lighting for the least amount of money. We should also say that if you have a more significant quantity that you need to order, call us for an individual quote and will get that to you.
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