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SATCO LED Adjustable Arc Wall Pack Outdoor Light Fixture - 30 Watt

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SATCO LED adjustable arc wall pack outdoor light fixture with 30 watts for many types of security and general lighting needs. It tilts at up to 90 degrees and replaces up to a 150-watt metal halide outdoor light fixture saving energy and delivering better lighting. Many people like the instant-on capability of the LED lamps, and the heavy-duty construction for years of service. The fully tempered lens protects the LED array, and it helps distribute the light while providing a certain amount of visual comfort, reducing glare. It has a one-piece die-cast aluminum housing and hinged, removable die-cast aluminum door. For those of you who want a little more style with an outside outdoor light fixture, this could be the ultimate solution for you. With its arc shape, you get something that doesn't look so ordinary like other types of wall pack outdoor light fixtures. Even though it has an extra degree of style, that doesn't mean that it doesn't produce excellent lighting, it does. Another nice feature is that it has a 5000K light color which is a very bright white light similar to noontime daylight. This is very good for nighttime security, better color recognition and a general sense of daylight. The 5-year warranty protects you from any early failures, and you should expect to get many years of reliable service and good lighting.

Product features:
- 30 watts.
- 2700 lumens.
- 5000K.
- CRI 75.
- UL Listed.
- Optional photocell.
- Input Voltage: 120 / 277VAC
- 50,000-hour life.
- Replaces up to 150 watts HID.
- Dimension: W = 6.2" D = 3.7" H = 7.4".
- Aluminum die-cast housing and frame.
- 5-year warranty.

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