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LED Linkable Strip Lights - 1 Foot
LED undercabinet light fixtures are installed underneath kitchen cabinets to provide task lighting for countertops and office workspaces.

Price: $69.60
Item #: BLF371597

LED linkable strip lighting fixture 1 foot length with a shallow profile, perfect for many applications. The high color rendering LED's brings out the vibrant colors in every object it illuminates. It uses a LED light array that replaces old-style fluorescent or halogen lighting. The slim profile fit's almost any design, and if you need a specific length, you can link the fixtures together to the length you need. You can save energy while getting the longest lasting light possible. What's nice about this particular lighting fixture is that you can link them together butting them end to end for continuous runs of light or you can use the linking core that comes with it and space them out over an area. It's just a great way to get a lot of light in a space without having to call the electrician. It's so easy to install that nearly anybody could do it and it will be an excellent way to have a covered light under a cabinet or in some special area.

Product features:
- 12 watts.
- 840 lumens.
- 90 CRI.
- Length = 12.15 inch length.
- Integral driver.
- Acrylic lens.
- 4000K color.
- Link several together end to end or with joiner connectors.
- 120 volt.
- Comes with power cord and plug. 

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