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SATCO 2X4 LED Flat Panel Light Fixtures - 4000K

Price: $523.43
Item #: BLF40300

SATCO 2x4 LED flat panel light fixture with 4000K color is an office light fixture you may be familiar with but more energy efficient than ever. It has dimming, 90 CRI, and long life, all the bells and whistles. Ceiling flat panel lights are designed for installation in conventional suspended ceilings for new construction or retrofit projects. Featuring superior, evenly dispersed lighting that sets the standard in performance for solid state ceiling luminaires. It even has a 0-10 volt dimming onboard standard for many types of electronic dimmers and lighting systems. The 4000K office white light color is what we call something that is cool white color. We haven't always existed under artificial light, that's still a relatively new thing in human history. And for many people, this represents the most comfortable high-quality light that they can work under and something that they can read better. This is especially useful in office lighting situations if you don't mind the very warm white light. And most factories or industrial situations choose flat panel light fixtures because it can help prevent mistakes in color or fine work, it’s an excellent light source. This is the kind of light that creates an even spread over an area which is very good to eliminate shadows for different types of office lighting applications. The fewer shadows you have, and the more you have even lighting, it will be perceived as a more comfortable lighted environment. Even though we’ve mentioned many of the lighting benefit's, you’ll also get excellent energy savings from these LED lights. Most people get a payback within two years or fewer depending on whether they have incentive programs or just a high kilowatt hour rate. It’s one of the easiest ways to change out old fluorescent light fixtures without having to do any retrofitting. If the light fixtures that you have now are very old, it would be better to consider just replacing them with new light fixtures like these flat panels. If you have something that’s newer, we do have lighting retrofit options for those of you who don’t want to do a complete change out of lights. In either case, you’ll get excellent energy savings. But what you’ll notice is how much more comfortable the light is in these flat panels. Another nice feature about these lights is that it has a universal voltage going all the way up to 277 volt which most commercial buildings use for larger areas. If you’re unsure how many you need for your situation, we can run a layout that will tell you how many lights you will need for your project.

Product features:
- 48 watt LED.
- 4000K light color.
- 5000 lumens.
- 100-277 volt operation.
- Standard integrated driver.
- Fit's in standard drop ceiling grid.
- 50,000+ hours life.
- Opaque lens.
- Dimension: 47.5 x 23.7 x 1.8
- UL listed.
- DLC listed.
- Sealed, type Non-IC fixture.
- Dimmable 0-10V.
- 5-year warranty.

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