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SATCO LED Wallpack Retrofit Light Bulb - 40 Watt - 5000K - Medium Base

Price Each: $110.00
Item Number: 76567

SATCO LED wallpack retrofit light bulb with 40 watts 5000K medium base for many types of wallpack lightss. Replaces a variety of metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs to save energy. The LED array distributes the light evenly in every direction while providing a certain amount of visual comfort, reducing glare. This LED wallpack lighting retrofit offers quality lighting for wide-ranging applications and delivers excellent energy savings compared to metal halide or HPS lightss. For those of you looking to save energy in your wall pack lightss, then this lighting retrofit may be a good solution for you. This has a mid range wattage of 40 watts replacing up to a 175 watt metal halide or high-pressure sodium light bulb. Keep in mind that if you are going to change to this you will have to bypass the existing ballast and wired directly into the voltage that is supplied to the fixture. This will fit most midsize wall pack lights and if you notice it has one side where all the light is. It's made so that you can turn the unit to face outward and down to get maximum light where you want to have it. It's a great way to upgrade to LED technology without having to change out lightss. If the lightss aren't that old, then this makes the most sense because it has integrated much over time. But if you have really old wall packs then you may want to change out to a new lights completely. We have those on our website. The reason we say that is because the seals and everything that keeps it all contained and free of water does degrade over time. And there comes a day when the integrity of the outer shell is lacking. So if you have something really old it makes sense to change it completely. These are DLC listed so they will qualify for utility rebates if you have those in your area. It's one of the easiest ways to retrofit to LED for building lighting, commercial areas where there can be rows of these along a building or a parking area. You will maintain your security with the same amount of light you've been enjoying before, except now you will do it with fewer watts. It's easy and a complete retrofit to upgrade the lighting just like you may have in other areas of your building or facility.

Product features:
- 40 watt.
- 5400 lumens.
- 5000K light color.
- Medium base.
- Replaces up to 175 watt metal halide or high pressure sodium.
- Dimension L = 8-3/32" x D = 3-9/16"
- Voltage: 120/277
- CRI: >80
- 180 degree beam spread.
- 50,000+ Hour Life Expectancy.
- UL listed.
- DLC listed.
- 5-year warranty.

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