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Nuvo LED Direct Wire Square Down Light Fixture - 6 Inch - 5000K

Price Each: $28.30
Item Number: BLF217484
Nuvo LED direct wire square down light fixture - 6 inch - 5000K is made for new and retrofit installations. It's so like a standard recessed light fixture, no one will know that it's an LED down light. This is a versatile light source for most as a four-inch recessed downlight fixtures. Compatible with 120 volt systems and is dimmable for excellent light level control.

Product features:
- 9 watts
- 5000K light color
- 6 inch square recessed light
- No recessed cans required
- Replaces 90 watt incandescent
- 83 CRI
- 720 lumens
- Torsion Spring Brackets for Mounting to Sheetrock
- Dimmable Down to 10%
- Input Voltage: 120 volt
- 40,000+ Hour LED Life Expectancy
- cULus Listed
- 5-year Warranty

General information.
At, we want to provide you with the best quality recessed lighting on the market today. We also want to do it at a reasonable price so that you can use it in your next project. Of course, you could be a commercial lighting user or a home user; it doesnt matter, we want should be satisfied with the product and stand behind everything that we sell. All the LED recessed lighting you see here is made to last for a very long time and has integral LEDs so youll never have to change a light bulb again. These are great for any commercial building or home construction application; we also have some different LED retrofit recessed lights that are available here as well.

Easier installation.
In the past, it was necessary to have recessed lighting housings that contain the reflector, now with LED, all you have to do is wire it directly without any actual housing. Its been a revolution in how recessed ceiling lights are done. It makes it a lot easier for electricians to install, and there are fewer problems in the future whether something is IC rated or not. Along with easier installation, we have a complete line of recessed lighting trims for many of these. But for most people, the white LED downlight is the typical choice because many ceilings are already white. So not only is this more energy-efficient, but its also easier to implement this whether you have a home or business.

Saving money is a good thing.
And lets talk about energy savings. You will get excellent energy efficiency over the old incandescent type line voltage lighting. You can replace those with a retrofit in many cases especially if you already have the holes in the ceiling. But if you dont and its a new construction situation, then you can attach some of these directly to an electrical box or use the light fixture that has the electrical box already attached to it. We have that as an option as one of our products, and it makes things very simple and easy just making the wiring connection inside that box, and youre done. If you want to know how much energy and money youre going to save over your existing system, be sure to download our Excel spreadsheet on the left-hand column of our website. This will give you everything you need to see exactly how much youll save. Youll find that the paybacks are very fast, sometimes within the first year. But for many businesses and home uses the payback may be anywhere from 1 to 3 years, and that can be shortened by any utility rebate incentives that might be offered by your electrical utility. Its something to look into to make sure that youre getting the best possible. Theres never been a better time to take a look at changing your lighting to something thats more energy-efficient that can save you money and will look a lot better than what you had.

Good lighting is the goal.
But what good is energy savings if the overall effect is a poor lighting job? Well, thats one of the things we want to prevent. When you order LED ceiling lights from us, we want you to understand precisely how they will work and how they can make your lighting better. We often say, if you save all the energy in the world but have lousy lighting. As a result, you havent saved anything. So we want to make sure that your lighting is going to be better than what you had while you are saving energy and money. You can have it all, but you need to make sure that youre getting exactly what you want at the beginning. If youre unsure how many light fixtures you may need for a specific space or room, we can do a layout for you so you can discover how many youll need to buy from us that will make it a successful lighting job. All we need is some data about the room size and what youre going to be doing in that room. Whether its just general area lighting or its something where youre going to have fine work done. It all depends on what youre doing as to how many footcandles youre going to need. But thats something we can help you out with if youre unsure about that. Our goal is always to get you better lighting than what you had when you are in the process of saving the most money that you can.

The right color makes a big difference.
One of the other things people need to consider when looking at new LED downlights is the color of the lights theyre going to use. Thats the great thing about new LED technology is that you do get a choice between something thats more like an incandescent warm white color and something thats like noontime daylight. These are labeled as 3000K warm white and the 5000K daylight. If you have a lot of earth tones or wood in your offices or homes, then choosing downlights with a warmer color temperature will accentuate those colors better. Although we know many people like the brighter, whiter daylight color for many types of situations where a lot of white is involved. But its strictly a choice and a personal preference as to what you like, not what everybody else thinks you should do. Another thing to keep in mind is the task thats being done underneath the lights. If you have an office situation, many people prefer a cooler light like the daylight. It helps them see better with black and white printing or reading. Its also helpful for little tasks that require better visual acuity. Our eyes were made for outside daylight color; artificial light is a relatively recent development in human history.

How can we help you today?
We have some different manufacturers that we use that have good quality LED recessed lighting products. And there are many manufacturers out there such as Westgate, Morris, Lithonia, WAC lighting, Tech lighting and many more and it can be a little bit confusing as to which one might work best for you. But know this, we have made selections based on quality and affordable prices at the same time. It all gets down to what LEDs are being used and how long they last. That has the most bearing on what kind of price levels these will be at. And if you need special pricing for a more significant quantity, make sure you call or email us for a quote. We want to make sure that were very competitive with all our product even though we believe the quality of our products exceeds some of the others that are available in the market. For more significant quantities, we can also offer free shipping and can provide other products that might be used in conjunction with it such as ceiling fans, office lighting and more. We want your next lighting upgrade to be successful while youre saving a lot of money and you can do that with a little bit to help. If you have any questions about anything you see on our website, make sure to contact us and will help you any way we can. We want you to be a happy customer and get you the best possible lighting.
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