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Morris LED 12 Volt Linkable Undercabinet Light Fixture - 24" Inch - 5000K

Price Each: $69.00
Item Number: BLF228006
Morris LED 12 volt linkable strip light fixture 24 inch length 5000K with a shallow profile, perfect for many applications. It uses a LED light array that replaces old-style fluorescent or halogen lighting. The slim profile fits almost any design, and if you need a specific length, you can link the fixtures together to the length you need. You can save energy while getting the longest lasting light possible. What's nice about this particular lighting fixture is that you can link them together butting them end to end for continuous runs of light or you can use the linking core that comes with it and space them out over an area. It's just a great way to get a lot of light in a space without having to call the electrician. It's so easy to install that nearly anybody could do it and it will be an excellent way to have a covered light under a cabinet or in some special area.

Product features:
- 9 watts.
- 1050 lumens.
- 80 CRI.
- 24 inch length.
- Integral driver.
- Acrylic lens.
- 5000K light color.
- Link several together end to end or with joiner connectors.
- 12 volt low voltage.
- Comes with power cord and plug. 

General information.
At, we want to make sure you get the best possible type of light for the least amount of money. The strip lighting fixtures that we carry are for the most part formed in the USA and always UL listed. There's a few that we have that are imported, but we do our best to sell USA made products whenever possible. Most of the time these are surface mount to almost any ceiling or wall situation, and they're easy to attach to such surfaces. Its the application flexible LED strip lights that make it a natural selection for a wide variety of lighting situations. People often see these as shop lights, and that would be true, but its so much more than that. They can be used for general lighting to get the most wide spread of light possible in a low ceiling application. Typically a lower ceiling needs to have the maximum light range, and that's always been right with the fluorescent fixtures, and now its gone over to LED technology. Keep in mind though if you have a shallow application, sometimes the florescent is still the better way to go because of the spread of light that it has. There are still many fluorescent lighting fixtures available of this type as well. But most people want to use LED strips because its going to save them a lot of energy regardless of the application. You'll also find these to be good for accent lighting, display lighting, both indoor and outdoor. When used with other types of lighting fixtures in a facility, you can get a complete lighting upgrade that's going to save you a lot of money in the future.

Saving money is nice.
LED undercabinet strip lights are usually a part of the complete energy overhaul and lighting upgrade that's going to give people excellent illumination while giving them the lowest cost of lighting operation that they can have. If you're thinking about doing an upgrade, keep in mind that many electric utility rebates sometimes apply to this type of lighting fixture. Sometimes its based on wattage or possibly a flat rate rebate. If you're unsure whether your area has rebates, we can help you discover which ones might apply to you or put you in a direction where you can find exactly what you can get and save. Make sure to download our free Excel spreadsheet which gives you an estimate of how much money you can save by going to more efficient lighting. Its on the left-hand column of our website, and you can input your existing lighting system compared to a new lighting system that you would get from us. For this type of lighting, many people find that they're going to save a lot in electrical costs and the paybacks that they get will sometimes be as low as months, but for most applications including commercial lighting, its probably somewhere between one and three years. There's never been a better time to consider going to a more efficient lighting source. LEDs have given the opportunity for people to get 75 percent energy savings over existing HID lighting and a little bit less with fluorescent depending on how its applied. There are even some programs where you can finance your new equipment through energy savings that you get every month. It makes it about as painless as it can get. No matter which way you go, you will enjoy more significant energy savings that hit your bottom line directly.

Types for every purpose.
Not only do these LED strips come underneath the wide canopy of a LED shop or warehouse lighting, but we also have what's called an LED wraparound light with integrated LED arrays inside. There are two types of LED strips, the kind where you have an LED lamp that is put in a fixture and powered by 120 or 277 volts or the other type which is just the LEDs with no actual light bulb in the installation. There's no difference in lumen outputs but some people like the idea of no longer having a separate lamp that they have to change. On the other hand, some people want that flexibility for the future and having a light where they can change the bulb if they're going to change color temperature or higher light output LEDs come out in the future. That seems most likely as lumen per watt ratings and efficiencies go up with LED with each passing year.

More or less for my space.
One of the other questions that people have commonly asked us is how many lighting fixtures they may need for their current lighting situation. They want to know what the results are before there's any installation. And as a part of ordering lighting fixtures from us, we can provide a free lighting layout so you can get an idea of how many lighting fixtures you'll need and how many footcandles that you'll arrive at the end of the upgrade. That way you can make sure that you're going to get good lighting along with the energy efficiency that the accountant in the company may like. We always say, if you get all the energy savings in the world but have poor lighting. As a result, you haven't saved anything. What you might gain in electrical savings, you'll probably lose in employee productivity or increase sales, and all that needs to be taken into account. Good lighting is more than just getting energy savings, and we want to make sure that when you upgrade that you genuinely get all possible satisfactory outcomes. There's no reason you cant save a lot of energy today and get a good lighting job. So we can run a layout that will tell you exactly where to place the fixtures and what the result will be. To some degree, it is an estimate, but its very close as to what you'll get at a minimum if you change over to more efficient lighting.

How can we help you today?
If you're looking at a larger quantity of these strip lights and LEDs, make sure to call us or email and we can get you a special quote for larger commercial projects. On some larger orders we also offer free shipping on occasion, so contact us if you want to find out more information about that. LED strip lighting fixtures will continue to be a very important type of lighting in the future with all the low ceiling applications that don't have a grid ceiling. Contractors also if you need a layout for any number of lighting fixtures that you'll need for your interior space. We want to make sure that the light levels will be sufficient for whatever you're trying to accomplish and make it something that you'll be very pleased with. If you're unsure about how to light something and you want us to take a quick look at it, make sure to send us a picture or an image by email or text as well. Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words and it could really help us determine what might be the best course of action for you and what's the best lighting for that particular space. We want your next project to be the most successful you ever had whether you are a building owner, electrical contractor or construction manager. Our quality is excellent in the products we carry and we know you'll be pleased with the result when its all done. This also applies to any of you who have a home lighting situation as well, all the basic principles are the same except usually the quantities are much lower. And that's okay. We will help anyone get better lighting and save the most energy possible with these LED strip lights, they are a great value and are one of the quickest easiest ways to get lighting into any area.
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